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Guess who’s back, and in full effect? Yeah, that’s right. And honestly, it’s good to be back. Many people were asking how the break was and this and dat, and I must say, the break was kinda long. That’s probably due to the fact that I did next to nothing during the break, yeah… me, do nothing… yeah it was kinda rough. But I’m here now, and that’s all that matters. [I’ll fill ya in on the details of the break later… maybe… if it’s relevant]

I had two classes today; my philosophy class was the later one. The first day of this class was rather simple, mostly stuff like: this is the syllabus, this is what we want to achieve in the course. It’s more of a writer’s course, course level 400 something. No actual discussion today, so I won’t bore you with that… moving onto the earlier part of the day. Oh Yeah!

Architecture started at 10:00 this morning, and it was AWESOME! Jumped right in saddle, the professor provided an excellent introduction to the course and its material. He hit a lot of key points that I was rolling over last semester… some of the stuff I've already talked about. Things like what we do as a profession of Architecture, [moving forward while looking back], Time [its importance] and more… can’t think of it right now… wanna move on. [He seems to like dissecting words and wordplay… sounds like anyone you know?] He brought one particular thing that I didn’t think so much about. [That’s the key to get on my good side. Showing me something I didn’t think of. Think that’s kinda hard?] Anyways, there was a blurb about the maintenance crew and starting anew. The link was pretty detailed and I’m not in the current state of mind to reiterate it, but I don’t know about you… but the first thing I did of the New Year was clean up. Cleaned up at home, cleaned up at the apartment, cleaned the computer, Cleaned. He made the point that there must be a clean surface before you can begin anything. And I rolled this over in my head; I've always cleaned, subconsciously, probably because my father always asked that I cleaned. Almost planting the seed that I clean to begin anew, New Year, New Project, New Semester, lots of new things going on. He also brought up Janus, the Roman God of gates, doorways and thus beginnings and ends. [Very important to Architecture] January comes from the name Janus, ending the year and beginning a new year in January, also the idea of preserving the year. Lots of ideas, I’ll probably discuss through this month. He also brought up… damn… lost transmission… brought up… hmmm… oh yeah! Friedrich Nietzsche, the “first modern” philosopher, a philosopher that blazes his own trail. [There’s another thing to get on my good side.] Now, I've read Nietzsche material before and I’m familiar with it… I just didn’t think it would be brought up. There is no belief in coincidences here. I wouldn’t doubt that some of the Nietzsche material has made me what I am today… things like not being able to make a decision without reason and blazing my own trail and thinking… making my own decision… listening to the context of a quote before judging the quote… all those things… many other things… too much to explain. An explosion on the first day… and I welcome it. Now, I talk about weedy out the crap, and only wanting the crème of the crop… this professor will remove some students… I will attempt to match this, moreover when he is absent, things like discussion and studio. For the rest of the students in my classes “what does not destroy [you/me], will make [you/me] stronger.” [If you didn’t get it, that’s a quote/idea by Nietzsche]

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