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Behind The Falling Curtain

Hey everyone! Just finished the final, which means it’s the end of the semester… Me and the reflective kinda guy that I am, would like to take a moment to look back on the semester that just passed, can’t really know where I’m going unless I know where I've been. Many things have changed since the beginning of this semester. Made a lot of decisions, some I didn’t want to make… many I needed to make… and most I made confidently (partly because of the coin flip… shhh). Man… this is starting to sound like the end… if you’re thinking this, you’d be mistaken… this is only the beginning. I will post from my parents house as often as I develop my thoughts and ideas. If you’re still taking this as a close then let it be a closing statement to the fall semester of 2005, that should satisfy what I’m feeling right now. I hope all of you have learned something this semester, either through me personally or through this blog and the conversations that you have with others. I hope you all will tune in for the next episode. You know I’ll be here!

Hey, I know everyone doesn’t run on the semester and I don’t either… this break… hopefully Imma lay the grounds for another font. Finalize a few things on the old one, so I can get that posted up and ready to be published. I know there are many things I wanna change. Trying to be so universal and direct is difficult because there are so many different types of people in the world. It’s hard to design something that applies to all and still have something that’s uniform. It’s like I have to find something that all unique people have in common, which is sorta not possible because if they are all unique then how do they have something in common. But it’s been done, so I won’t stop until I do find something that can be related on all sides and still apply to unique individuals.

More and more I see myself as a contradiction. The more I speak, the more I contradict myself. Why is it every time that I pull from the world and apply it in a singular fashion, it becomes a contradiction? How come when I say it, it’s a contradiction; but when God does it, it’s not? I have been playing with something in my mind. [This kinda branches from that whole speaking without having to use language or saying any words] Because God is God, God can contradict without having to say any words and whatever was said by God wouldn’t be a contradiction… Maybe if God spoke God would contradict the words that are spoken? I say the world is full of separate entities and very complex, and very simple. This is a contradiction, when God does it, it’s not a contradiction. See what I’m saying? I ask the question can God make a rock that God cannot lift. If God makes it, it’s not truly a rock God cannot lift because God can do anything God wills. If God can’t make it, then that has to be incorrect because God can do anything God wills. God must be defined without limitations. It’s wrong for God to be limited, its wrong by definition of God. Just by asking the question I have presented a contradiction. I think all great philosophers that have spoken have created their own contradictions, when philosophers speak on how they have designed the world… there’s contradictions. God has created the world, and there are contradictions when we talk about the world… but the world exists. And because the world exists it’s not a contradiction. Hehheh… whirling you around in a circle yet? When the globe in your brain slows down just a little bit… tell me what you think. Imma pack up and ship myself back to my parent’s house.


steakified said...

yo dood, how's things? Way busy as hell down here. Hopefully, I'll be back in the hood early next year. I've got one more final left, then i'm free til midway through January. I hope things go well (they probably well, it's just a matter of B's instead of A's and A's in stead of A+'s cuz i'm gangster like that).
Anyway, here's my 2 cents bout your God post....if you take a step back and take a look at what the world is made up of, you've got contradictions all over the place. Contradictions is God's way of creating balance. From a physics standpoint, you've got protons and electrons, all balancing themselves out, and if you figure atoms are the smallest things (not really, but i'm not going to get into that) and everything is composed of those things, you are by default a contradiction in your own right. On that note as well, it's reminding me much of that movie Unbreakable, where you've got one person who's so susceptible to injury and illness and another person who's his complete opposite that never gets sick or hurt. Now relate that to atoms, say that we're the atoms and what do you have, balance in god's creation of humans. Male, female, ugly, beautiful, strong, weak etc. Balance on all levels at some point. So what's the difference if we're all balanced out? Free will. that's what makes us different (albeit, not that different cuz ultimately there's someone out there that's almost just like you, but not and dustin for mini me). Good luck with the move, I'll probably see you over the break here. later on bro.

Tainted Dragon said...

man... it took me a while to respond to this. I apologize for that, there are no excuses so I won't state any.

Part of me feels that's what I was trying to say and another part of me feels that isn't quite right. There was this great philosopher, Malebranche, [Cartesian, like me] he made the statement: God works in general ways. I took this as, when I take something specific from the complex world and apply it in a singular fashion, it seems like it was a contradiction. Now, I believe God created me. I'm seeming myself as a contradiction. Is what God made a contradiction? Or simply balance like you said. Is everyone like this? Or am I out here on my own island [last of a dying breed/the birth of a new generation]? I've said it before: The more answer we get, the more questions we have.