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22 it is.

I'm putting my foot down, I'm launching another website Nov. 1st.

Someone can do the numerology on this one, but 11.1.2008 (11+1+2+0+0+8 = 22) is going to be a pretty special date.  That new direction I spoke about a few days ago will come full circle.  The site will consist of mostly me, initially, and more reactions to things I see happening.  In the new year (hopefully sooner), I will be adding new authors for multiple point-of-views, new passions for new connection.  And from that, we'll see how it grows.  I will send more details on the day of the launch, so for the time being busy yourself with finding out what "22" means.

I'm excited, but I know what I'm doing... I suspect you aren't yet, so let me clue you in and help you out with your little quest:

Of those born in 1984 (1+9+8+4 = 22), it is said that we need a partner we find stimulating, intellectually.


Keep the story going

So it came up again... the inevitable (and somehow frequent) question from my parents.  Although it comes in many shapes and different wordings, it all means the same thing.

"Are you going to get a job?"

Being immigrants to this country, my parents expect me to grab a traditional 9-to-5 (potentially boring-ass) American job.  It seems as though they want me to disregard what they've been through to make it.  They struggled, and with the unbelievable help of my aunts and uncles, they own their own restaurant, at least two homes, a stock portfolio and (eventually) two college graduated sons; all things considered, they're pretty successful in the eyes of most.  No, they're not millionaires, but I suppose this is where I come in.  Taking a 9-5er, I think, would be a "slap in the face" to the American story already being told. 

I feel this pressure gnawing at my side and a sharp pain whenever they ask about my plans.  I wouldn't dare settle for less than owning my own company, and at the very least I want to be as successful as my father.  But I also want to be enjoying what I'm doing, something I know my parents want for me.  So I studied Architecture.  But I have a passion for Film, and Music, and Fashion, and Politics, and Technology... so what do I do?  How could I possibly narrow this down?  And if I did, would that be fair to me, and everything my parents worked for?  And so I've been working on this problem, trying to figure out something that encompasses it all.  But I don't have anything to show for it.

I spend most of my days (at home) writing/editing/designing/formatting the various projects I have.  I wish what I was building was physical, something to point at and say "see, I am doing something."  But when they see me, they just think I'm on the computer all day--which I am--but my work is in this little machine that I'm so fond of.  This is where my father found me, a few days ago, and said something that has always been clear in my mind but never voiced.

"Make a job, or take a job"

Does that mean I can only make one?



There was a question about Healthcare, whether or not it was a privilege, right, or responsibility, in the second Presidential Debate on 10/07.  I will not tell you which way to vote, I have faith in you to guide this country.  I do want to highlight something Obama said, "I think it should be a right, for every American.  In a country as wealthy as ours, for us to have people who are going bankrupt because they can't pay their medical bills, (removed Obama's personal mother story), there's something fundamentally wrong about that."  Now there's an idea here and it relates intimately with poverty, in this country and ultimately, around the world.  It's "raising the bare minimum" and what we believe is acceptable.

Here, in the United States, we use our Declaration of Independence to define what we all are entitled to.  "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" is what that document states, and in its vague terms we understand universal truths.  Every American must have a chance to live these ideals, our laws and rights are built to ensure that.  Programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Wealthfare promise that we will not stand ideally by--while others struggle to live.  Healthcare (prevention, treatment, and management of illness) must be included, because everyone deserves a fair chance; without it, citizens cannot pursue their dreams or breathe their lives.   You've heard the cliche "we are only as strong as our weakest link," if its true then America isn't as strong as we once assumed.

That document also states "all men are created equal;" in that, regardless of what state flag one pledges allegiance to, s/he is entitled to a number of things because they are human.  It is a little known idea that America likes to spread its idea of democracy.  And lately, to say the least, it's put us in a little bit of trouble around the globe.  But the people protected by the border of the United States aren't inherently different than any other in the world.  If they are "created equal" and entitled to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness", than the rest of the human race deserves the same.

It isn't a question of means because we found out what we were capable of during 1942, it is a question of whether or not we choose to act.


A new direction (?)

I haven't been on since August and I promise its within good reason.  I went through this sort of Identity Crisis, rethought how I projected myself and how to present it to the rest of the world.  And I went back down to bare basics, read a number of my posts and considered who I was from an audience's point-of-view and this is what I found.

I started from my very first post (and eventual heading).  Retraced my progress and what it meant to have a blog, and if that was different than having a web log. Because they're suppose to be the same thing, I shouldn't be so conflicted, but I was.  On one side, I wanted to report the news, jounalistically w/ editorial spin, bring you the late breaking details and how I feel about them.  And on the other side?  I want to give you my personal and private story, how bits and pieces of the world affect me and whatever I'm doing professionally or otherwise.  I have these two aspirations and the question here is, will it blend?

And so, I've made a decision.  This will remain a personal blog, commenting on things personal and private (to a certain degree).  Professionally, I will be starting a new blog.  And hopefully, I'll  be bringing my friends along.  I'll post details when they become available, so stay tuned!



I know I haven't posted the last review and I'll get to it. It's written, I just haven't proof read it--I'll put it up soon.

But I wanted to show up and say something. I'm different today, something has changed. I'd hate to get all spiritual on you, it turns so many of you away, but I feel like nothing can stop me now. As of late, I've been struggling with everything I've been doing, whether or not its been right. Today is different. And I think it has to do with what had happened last night, a solar eclipse.

I get a newsletter from during special events and I got one this morning. Here's a little excerpt from it.
"If your Sun sign or Ascendant is Leo, almost every part of your life will be affected."
As you may already know, my Ascendant is a Leo, and thereby I am suppose to feel a change. [The Aquarians are suppose to feel something as well, they're in line with the eclipse.] And I do, almost like... I'm on another plateau. I feel like I can take over the world today. I know my life will be different from here on out, and I can't wait.


Only fitting that this would be 100 post!


And everyone loses their minds

So now I've seen it twice and now I really think this is one is a creeper (and completely AWESOME!). This time around, because I knew what was going to happen, I could sit back and really enjoy the performances and the story that was crafted.

I talked about Heath already, but really, all the actors did a such a fine job--especially Aaron Eckhart. I think it was overlooked because the scenes are cut very quickly, so there's a couple of glances and looks from Harvey Dent and Lt./Comm. Gordon that I missed the first time around. Aaron is bound to be overlooked because of his role in this (he's not the one of rooftops or blowing stuff up), but he is the emotional backbone of the story. He takes us through this world and its his dialogue that resonates and relates to the people. He is every person that wants to be Batman and every other person that says they don't need him; he's the hero with a face, and essentially better than Batman. He follows the rules and is the order without hypocrisy, justice without violence. He is what Bruce Wayne wants and what Batman can never be. What The Joker does to Harvey, is the tragedy of this story (and that scene is still damn-near heartbreaking.)

In some of the interviews, Christopher Nolan said he wanted to have The Joker cut in like a shark and he completed this with flying colors. Right from the beginning there's this other story that's going on and it has nothing to do with The Joker, and its because of his arrival that everything gets completely out of control. The Joker "introduce[s] a little anarchy" and has this great comment about plans, and order, that really exposes how complicated things have been. In that same dialogue, he advocates for chaos and gives a really great argument for it--it's almost as if he's good guy and everyone else is a controlling, power hungry fiend (no doubt, a commentary on our government). I'm headed to another viewing (finally in IMAX) but from what I can see, Nolan has done everything he set out to do.


And here we go

I was right, I completely undersold The Dark Knight. It's a masterpiece, in which the narrative is told in beautiful frame after frame. The scenes are cut fast and the sequences packed with tension and detail, you have to stay locked in; you blink and you missed something.

The story comes at you--fast--wave after wave and you'll find it difficult to breathe, but that's the kind of suspense I've been begging for. It's mostly unpredicted, and when you know something's coming you're supposed to and that put me in an emotional state that was surprising. The dialogue is incredible, nearly every comment has a deeper meaning underneath it all, and I know I didn't catch all of it (thank the world for multiple screenings). There's a number of times where Batman is in one place, the action is in another and the villain is across town, laughing at them as they scramble and try to figure it all out. Sub-characters, like Alfred and Fox, keep you and Bruce just above insanity, too much of The Joker can be a real bad thing. But its The Joker that makes this film everything it is.

Heath Ledger's performance steals every frame. There's two points of dialogue that get you to the core and you understand him, who he is and why he exists. If you're going out to see Heath, he's not in this movie, he delivers such a powerful performance its unrecognizable. He's been replaced by a madman, posing questions to you that cut deep into your very nature. As he taunts his victims, it's like he's taunting you. Teasing you and seeing if you'll break, not for any material gain, but because he likes the sport. There's no logical process, but there's a plan and he's one step ahead of everyone else. I found myself leaning in every time The Joker appeared on screen, just to catch another one liner or sly comment on what everyone else's problem is. This isn't The Joker I knew from the comic, the face paint throws me off, but his psychology is familiar; this is the epic villain, comic book adaptations have been waiting for.

You can take this film on its surface, it lets you, but you wouldn't be accepting it for what it really is. It's an epic film because its universal and relatable, it asks big questions in short scenes. There's situations where you have to ask yourself, what would you do, and that answer may surprise (or frighten) you. It invites you to find things, perhaps you wish, you didn't know about yourself. (I did, and that's why I'm going again in 6 hours!)


Starting Tonight...

The day has arrived. At midnight, The Dark Knight hits theaters across the country and the nation will be re-introduced to Batman. And to be honest, for as much as I've done I still think I'm underselling it. All the people I've talked to and all the things I've said about the feature, I don't think I've found the words to appropriately discuss how powerful this is going to be. And not just for the comic book genre, that's an added bonus, but for the film industry. I've waited and waited for a time when content was king, in the summer again. The summer has become a series of popcorn movies; "fun", "amusing", and "entertaining" have been the words to describe them. And I've wanted "compelling", "powerful" and "compelling" to dominate the silver screen. Finally, that day has arrived and the Knight will be Dark.

An ensemble political thriller as much as it is a tale of revenge and derring-do, The Dark Knight is a wondrous, terrifying epic.

Film School Rejects
"What I will say is that The Dark Knight is easily the most well-crafted superhero movie that I have ever seen, one that transcends genre, on a scale that is as epic as they come and with performances that will shake you to your core."

"The great triumph of The Dark Knight is that it manages for the first time ever in the history of the genre to transplant comic book theatrics into the real world – and moreover, to examine precisely what it could mean if a person decided to strap on a super-suit and start attacking the world's criminals."

Rolling Stone
"The haunting and visionary Dark Knight soars on the wings of untamed imagination."


"An ambitious, full-bodied crime epic of gratifying scope and moral complexity, this is seriously brainy pop entertainment that satisfies every expectation raised by its hit predecessor and then some."


5 Reasons Why The Dark Knight Will Be A Revolution

In no particular order, below is my list of reasons why I have so much conviction for this upcoming film. All of it can be attributed to me being on set but there's something else about this one, something special. Based on my experience and what I knew of the film before the viral marketing, interviews, and trailers---the stuff I got while on "RFK" this is going to be a groundbreaking.

1. Heath Ledger

Clearly taken before his prime, Heath immersed himself in this role. I got a chance to see Heath in Chicago, during the mass panic scene in the trailer(s). Without giving too much away, The Joker is in that scene and as you may of guessed he's the reason for all the running and screaming. At the beginning, I'm standing at the corner watching the speech, and by the end, the Joker is awkwardly hiding behind the same lamp post. He had a number of poses and he tried a few things, attempting to hide--think Bugs Bunny outsmarting Elmer Fudd. During one of the breaks he was reported skipping through the street, whether or not that was part of the final cut, we'll see, but it "put a smile on [my] face". Just to clear the air, from what I saw, he was having a great time being something he was not... you know... acting.

2. Aaron Eckhart

Aaron is also in that scene and he seemed a bit "always in character", very focused, but there was those moments where he was taking pictures of surrounding buildings. It seemed like a tourist, like he's never been in Chicago before. He was talking to a few of the extras, production crew, and all-in-all enjoying himself. After each take, he was almost always with Christopher Nolan looking at the scene they just shot. Judging by his previous work, Aaron can be a convincing 'white knight' for the city of Gotham and he can play a very real Harvey Two Face like we've never seen on film.

3. Christian Bale

Already proven, Bale has provided the depth for the three main characters the film demands. The first role, is that of Bruce Wayne, billionaire playboy philanthropist which is merely a facade for the paparazzi to glaze over. The second role, is of Bruce Wayne again, but of another kind. Alfred's Bruce Wayne, Henri Ducard's apprentice, Rachel Dawes' love interest, the real Bruce Wayne--the one he can't show anyone else because it makes him vulnerable and human. And last, but certainly not least, is Batman. Bruce Wayne's outlet and means to deal with the death of his parents, the symbol he hopes that will inspire the citizens of Gotham. I have no doubt Bale getting back into that role is like riding a bike or getting in a familiar uniform. These three characters are going to be revisited and expanded upon, like only Bale can embody.

4. Christopher Nolan & Co.

The creative team that created the first are back again, with a new part to their story of Batman. The dark, grittier Gotham is a product of their imagination, the Tumbler, the suit, and the tone is of their creation. Goyer and Nolan each have a list of credibility in their own right, but together is unimaginable. Only with the world they've created can The Joker's true nature be envisioned. Sourcing material like The Dark Knight Returns, Hush, The Killing Joke, and The Long Halloween, will definitely provide a very different Batman than we've seen before Nolan took over. For them to sit down and craft the next chapter can only result in great things. To explore the ramifications of what one has created is a designer's dream. Added to context of a comic-book adaption is nothing short of brilliance.

5. Gotham/Chicago

The stage of a comic is difficult to find, the limitations of the real word prevent most images from transferring over. But the Chicago Film Office gave this creative team the freedom to do as they believed was possible. I was working late one evening, walking through the city, I was forced to take a detour from my normal route. LaSalle St. was blocked off and I knew filming was going on, so I asked what was the big scene. One of the familiar staging assistants said there was going to be an explosion, then he whispered to me they were going to flip a semi. As my eyes lit up, he reassured me. "Yeah, flip a semi, head over heels." This on top of shutting down CTA stations, sectioning off four blocks of Randolph, tapering off the Michigan Ave. bridge, and demolishing an abandon candy factory confirms they could do every image on their production still without CGI; the comic adaption would be real putting Chicago back in the limelight.


5 reasons why The Dark Knight will be epic.

1. Gotham’s Hero. Enter Batman: A city’s first son sets out to inspire the citizens to take their city back after the loss of his parents. Listen closely to the dialogue; hear what is being said to Bruce Wayne. His conversations with Henri Ducard shape the man that he is to become. When he talks to Alfred, the only person that knows who he truly is, he talks about what his intentions are and the symbol he wants to be. What separates Batman from everyone one else? [Bonus: Don't miss the conversation with Gordon at the end.]

2. The Escalation. Enter the Joker: A sadistic madman with a taste for the theatrical. Focus on the laugh and how sinister his promise is, as the symbol for Batman is destroyed. What must Batman escalate to, to stop a narcissistic sociopath like this?

3. The Villain. Pay close attention to how the Joker changes in just the trailer itself. From "only knives and lint" to a machine gun aggressor screaming "hit me". Easily the most telling of the trailers released, this is a sense of the board and the chess pieces. Can Batman keep his order or will he break his rules to save the city from chaos?

4. Gotham's White Knight. Enter Harvey Dent: The city’s advocate is out to purge the city of violence and corruption. Battling organized crime without breaking the law, the people of Gotham pit him against the terrorism that Batman employs to scare the mob. The citizens demand the identity of a vigilante to end the streak of escalated violence, but the new DA needs him to drag in those he can't touch. Can Harvey Dent defend Batman long enough to bring the Falcone crime family to justice?

5. The Darkest Hour. Let the games begin; Dent's systematic removal of violence, Batman's aggravated war on crime, and Joker's need for disorder force these three to collide on the streets of Gotham. How does Batman take on a man’s sick agenda to tear the world around him? Can Harvey Dent reign in a new corruption free city that no longer needs Batman? As flesh and blood, can be trusted to the throne of Gotham?

You couldn't be as excited as I am, but this thrill ride will ultimately be about a basic human condition. Underneath all the beautiful explosions is a question about the nature of man; are we more evil than good? Or does our conscious give us ability to choose what is right over what is wrong? And finally, do we have the strength to do what is needed, when the time to do so is upon us?


Batmap! & Batlinks!

As you can probably tell, I'm excited for The Dark Knight. I've got my little countdown here...

Today is the first official day of Dark Knight Week and all the Film sites are in a frenzy. Film School Reject's have posted their Guide to the Dark Knight, for a bit of background information. Think of it as the terrain Christopher Nolan has embarked on to make this film as epic as it should be. If you plan on venturing into Chicago for a viewing, may I suggest a little map--it's a guide through the streets of Chicago as depicted in Nolan's vision of Gotham. Another incentive to be at Navy Pier, the Tumbler and Batpod, they will be there at The Dark Knight Gala.

I'm sure it comes as no surprise, but I have 3 viewings already set and confirmed. Only one being in IMAX, which I have to heavily suggest. IMAX is the next generation format, its (a very large) open door to a world that the film provides. Especially with a film like this, the city of Gotham must surround you to get the bulk of the experience. Theaters will be playing for 72 hours straight, and I must stress many have been already sold out.

But to achieve the whole experience, you must get into the viral marketing campaign. I know many have tried to stay clear of this but I assure you, this is not just a cheap ploy. The clips add to bits and parts not explored on screen. They add additional plot points and fanfare to the the story that is about to unfold. The marketing team has kept consistency amongst all characters and provided more viewpoints on Harvey Dent, Batman and of course, the Joker. We've already heard the film is going to be "epic" but these little scenes let the film reach beyond the screen and into our world, making it something we all can be a part of. I'm sure most of you caught the 6 minute prologue (it's on the Batman Begins Blu-Ray too, in beautiful Hi-Def!) but the GCN has a "breaking news" story during an interview with Harvey Dent. Warner Bros. have done a great job in marketing. Be sure to check out all the TV spots/interviews/trailers at, stay industry current with Film School Rejects and /Films, and get the inside/unofficial scoop at The Dark Knight - Unofficial Blog.


Below is the list of all the viral marketing websites, all of which have been marked by the Joker:

ACME Security System
Betty's House Of Pies
Citizens For Batman
Concerned Citizens For A Better Gotham
Dana Worthington
Gina Tortericci
Gotham Cab Company
Gotham Cable News
Gotham City Clerk
Gotham City Pizzeria
Gotham City Rail
Gotham Election Board
Gotham Ferry System
Gotham National Bank
Gotham Police Department
Gotham Police Internal Affairs Department
Gotham Times
The Gotham Unified School District
Gotham Victims Advocate Foundation
Harvey Dent
Joseph Candoloro & Associates
Maiden Avenue Report
Kinsly Travel
Maroni Imports
Pasquale's Bistro
Rossi's Delicatessen
St. Swithuns Catholic Church
Trust Garcetti
We Are The Answer

And when you put the puzzle pieces together, you get to a special surprise by Warner Bros.

All of which, were reported to, have been sold within the hour.

F'N Up!

Just upped my videos for F'NMTV, I dropped off two this week. One for LL Cool J...

I'm kinda mean but not to Benny Boom, it's LL's fault. And one for Chris Daughtry...



"It's all... part of the plan."

I'm just spitballing here, but I think I might know what's up. All the dates/places have been covered on the Batmobile/Batpod Tour except the last two locations of the list posted by Film School Rejects. Those two locations are in Chicago and New York, the coordinates on the previous post.

We might get a live Bat(vehicle) appearance at these two locations. Especially, if it'll be broadcasting LIVE. Yeah, this is definitely going to be something special.

(Specifically Chicago)
Also note, that location is Wacker Drive. Pretty big for the movie already, there's so many clips have been taken from there, but there's also a scene where The Dark Knight is on the Sears Tower overlooking the view. Now, those coordinates (after you google map it) point to a park just northwest of the Sears Tower. So if you looked up at the Sears Tower, and Batman was still there, he'd be looking down at us.

That last part is a bit far-fetched but the excitement for this film has made me a bit crazy. Less than 6½ hours away, we'll find out soon...


Take A Stand!

Sometimes, you have to take a stand. You have to fight for respect. You have to let the entire world know you're here.

On July 8th, nobody will be able to ignore us. Gather at the above coordinates at the appointed time, and help us take a stand in support of Batman!

If you can't join us on the ground, we'll be providing a way for you to watch what goes down, live on this website.

Defend Gotham! Defend Batman!


The Surge is working

That's what they tell us about the war, but is it really? Are we truly in a better place than last year? I believe another surge is happening, working within our own borders. What difference a year makes. Last year, I commented on the idea that we (as a country) were heading in the wrong direction and needed to find the hero within us all. A part of me still feels this way, but to a lesser degree. Although most things have not changed, many things have.

This presidential election has developed into something worth watching; for the first time, I feel it is my obligation to vote. Four years ago, I felt the same need but in a different sense. Last election, I knew not enough individuals could swing the office. My vote would not count. On top of that, pulling an individual out of office during the early stages of war is not wise. If its soldiers do not trust the general immediately after the initial battle, it is the fault of the entire company--not just the commanding officer. This time around, a new chief is coming and we will inexplicably shape the next four year's of this country. We are asking to choose a leader and project the true image of this nation. This, in a nutshell, is the agenda of my post today.

America is and will always be a country in the hands of its citizens. By definition, in a democracy, government is a result of its people. When we consciously choose not to participate in government, we are then at the mercy of the people put into power. This country is a reflection of its people, and is always the sum of those that have spoken. The government's mentality may not coincide with yours or the people around you, but it resonates with more people that have chosen to voice their opinion. It is imperative that you voice yours, especially more so when yours differs from those that are in power. If you do not agree with how the government is representing you, and specifically you, then you need to take a stand. Your ballot card is the first and obvious example. You don't have to hold a rally to be a revolutionist, voicing your concerns with your fellow countrymen is enough.

You want to make this country a better place, speak. The heroes we long for are within us all. Our voices are the strength of this country.

Teaching America

To be regarded as good as those that have come before, one must be better than what we have seen. Last year's post, America is dead, was commenting on the state of affairs in this country. This year's "state of the union" address is going to be about how to move forward, where we go from here. In my own life, in order to move forward and stay on course, I always return to essence and origin. Questions like "how did I get here" and "why am I here", ultimately lead to "where do I go now?" So, how did this country get to where we are...

Well, to be frank, we've headed in this direction for quite sometime and its not a result of recent events. It is within the human condition to control our environments; businessmen sought out to control their environment and also, their capital gains--after all it is a capitalistic society. We wanted a smaller government and in that exchange, the government chose not to regulate health care, establish education and provide leadership. Communist and socialist societies were the first to establish universal health care, it does not allow for a doctor to make more money from his craft than another doctor, but it is overseen by a group or faction. Comparatively, a drug company can't charge more for a "better" drug but the government sets a higher standard to the drugs produced. Whether its good or bad, our the health care is regulated (in some small form) by the government. Here, in our democracy, they are regulated by the FDA, FCC and other such associations. But the problem with this system is, it asks for the absolute bare minimum. Don't kill the patient (or rather... client or consumer), and every other side effect is okay. "Above minimum", for drugs, is a bit scary to think about; but further more, for lawyers, educators and doctors its even more terrifying. For context, the lawyer you're paying to represent you in a case against your former doctor (who wanted just enough on his MCATs to get into Med School) for malpractice received a score high enough to pass the BAR exam. Like the majority of professionals in this country, they were looking to get enough to average standardized tests and achieve passing grades. What those mediocre teachers did not tell you in school, if you are better than everyone else you'll be heavily rewarded. Our education system does not reflect this, we're given grades and anything above an "E" is passing. This bare minimum system has shaped the way we (meaning together, whole, more than one) are.

So why get an A? This lesson is not taught until you plan on going to college, and not as severely as the rest of the world. If that's your course of action, then your performance matters enough to drive you criminally insane. [History Lesson/Sidebar: Hilter didn't have the "grades" to get into Art school and look how well he turned out.] "Oh, you want to get into the best schools, GREAT! How's your GPA? SAT? ACT?" So now, at the average age of 14, you're encouraged to change the way you've gone through academics your entire life, now you've got to motivate yourself to be the best--on your own. That's great and all, but a little too late. I mean, you've never had to do that before; and when you were the best, did you get anything for it? Not likely. The system is designed to separate those that can motivate themselves from those that cannot (the great American lesson), instead of motivating every student individually. What ever happened to encouraging students to do what they wanted to do? So what do you get, a high school diploma that says "you received (at least) the bare minimum? Thanks, but no thanks. The education system should encourage finding your passion and feeding that fire, instead of making you into a mark on a state score sheet.

To their credit, universities do have a personal statement portion of their application. That saves them, somewhat, from having to deal with hordes of bare minimum prospects (but then again, a focused two weeks could pump out a pretty good/coherent pile of bullshit if I really put my efforts to it.) The problem is, this is the first time we're asked what we want to do, academically. That's why the personal statement becomes the most difficult part of the entry, instead of the easiest.

"Wait, what do you mean? What do I want to do?"

So you see our mediocrity, as a nation, is a result of our education system. This may sound a bit communist, or socialist, but Russia is still expanding their transit system and building more public spaces. And the Japanese, well, they're driving their universally health-cared ass in 70+ mpg vehicles. Other than flying to the moon and being a "backward" country, do you know what else they have in common? A government that will pay students for going to school... if you can get into the university.


Just adding fuel to the (TDK) fire...

Going into this long weekend, I wanted to leave all of you with something particularly special. More than likely, the link won't last long so catch this if you absolutely can't resist the wait. It's the first 6 minutes of The Dark Knight, which was shown in (beautiful) IMAX. Enjoy if you must.

Play, if you must...

Told you it wouldn't last long... but here's another link. Don't expect this one to last long either.


Seriously... can't wait!

I'm completely immersed in Dark Knight Mania, and you should to. Below is a click to help you get there from IGN's First Look: The Dark Knight.


New TDK Poster!

I'm a man of my word...
This marketing team has done an incredible job. As if there was not enough hype already for the film after the first one, they keep releasing more and more stuff for me to post. 3 Trailers, 1 extended international, viral marketing websites, 8 TV spots, 5 promos... completely weaving our world with theirs. They've expanded this story beyond the screen already and the film has not even been release yet.

Another set of stars for The Dark Knight

I have no doubt this film is going to be perfect. Upon the release of this film, Christopher Nolan will have completed 3-year long journey to craft a story both relevant to our world and progressive to the comic. Comic adaptions up to this point all have been just that; adaptions, stories already told, told again. From being on set, to seeing the clips/stills and exclusive footage, after analyzing the world that has been created, I see all the pieces of the formula in place. Looking over their source material, I can only see a great film. Nolan and company have done their research and their methodology will produce a comic book film, instead of movie, like no other. Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk were steps in the right direction, but their villains lacked a certain something--something unrealistic. They belong only to the comic world, but The Joker is timeless because he has basic human flaws. Flaws that we can see in ourselves if we stared into the mirror a bit too long. Flaws that would unravel us after one bad day. Flaws that would drive us psychotic if given too much attention.

I'm calling it now...
It will be the first comic book adaption that receives an Oscar!

"I don't want to kill you..."
"You complete me."

The Dark Knight: The Unofficial Movie Blog
And everyone else... Kevin Smith, Rolling Stone Magazine... et cetera.


F'NMTV: Flo Rida - In The Ayer

I figured I might as well post it too... sorry for the delay.

F'NMTV: T.I. - No Matter What

Newest video on F'NMTV! I clipped it a bit early, and never got to posting the other one...


Witness The Rebirth!

Yesterday, I went through a series of logic and introspection... because, you see, I haven't been marketing Witness The Rebirth and Lil Biggz as well as I think I could. Not really sure what's holding me back, but a fear of falling is probably in there somewhere. But I know if I hesitate and don't express it as much as possible, I'm already failing. It's a much disservice I'm providing by make it more difficult to find. So, from this point forward, this blog will see more posts about the other projects I'm doing. [Do you think that's diverging from the essence?] I'd hate to make it anything goes here... but wouldn't be nice to have one place for the breadth of my work? I need to get my own domain!


I found Captain America's shield!

You know I love all things Captain America, I'm thinking about a tattoo.


The Wisdom To Know The Difference

If you haven't seen it on my Twitter, I'm feeling more and more personally responsible for the Iraq war. I, like most Americans, was not opposed to the idea when it was presented 5 years ago. It was lumped in with the "War on Terror"; there wasn't much explanation as to why and WMD's weren't found, but all that was overlooked then. And as this war continues, the question of how the war will be inherited and how to deal with those responsible is starting to come up (well... at least in the media outlets that should be given attention). There is also much talk about Bush being tried for his abuse of power and crimes (hopefully with the rest of his cabinet as well) but to be direct we will inherit this war. Whether you believe in "We, as Americans" or not, the problems the war has caused does effect us all. Even if you opposed the war at the beginning, you're still paying $4 at the gas pump (if you drive, if not, you're paying it at the grocery store). I wish there was a way to separate those that didn't oppose the war and those that did, I can only raise my own hand, and that's about it. I foolishly thought the death of one man would save the lives of many more. I wanted Saddam out of power, by any means plausible, but after that was accomplished it should have ended. But it didn't, and trying to embody another man's judge/jury/executioner cost the lives of many American soldiers. And some think its worth it, but I don't... I feel guilty. I should've known the difference.

Thankfully, the task of the next president is to put an end to these crimes against humanity.

[image provided by: counterclockwise @ flickr]

I apologize if I offend anyone with my preceding comments.

Although somewhat unrelated, I want to share another train of thought that really isn't all that disconnected from the commentary above. It begins with a question...

Why aren't we all anti-war activist? Is the war something we really cannot change?

Another post, at another date (probably July 4th) is about how we, as Americans, shape America. After all, America is a democracy, as much as some of you may want to deny it, and a democracy is shaped by its people. (That's gonna hurt, comrade.)

[image provided by: spider2544 on deviantART]

Sometimes I feel like the "The Serenity Prayer" breeds passivity. Because of this particular prayer, many people choose not do anything when things aren't quite right. I think there's a door of ambiguity that is opened that is easily overlooked. What if the prayer was read in reverse? Bottom up? Something like this:

God, grant me
The wisdom to know the difference
The courage to change the things I can
The serenity to accept the things I cannot change

If it were read like this, would you get a different message? Is it something along the lines of trying the "change" before accepting the "cannot change"? Do you know what I'm getting at, or is there a different door of ambiguity that must be resolved in another post?


The Italians got it right, why can't the Americans?

All year around there's some crazy-ass group of individuals designing outrageous pieces of wasted space. They're Architects, the majority of individuals in the profession are arrogant elitist, who have some agenda on how the world would be run. I would know. But every now again and again there's a little gem that shows up. You wanna talk about progress and sustainability, well someone needs to port this beautiful piece to the states.


in all the wrong places...

Here's a series of events that aren't likely to happen:

Go to a cafe.
Introduce yourself.
Have a great conversation.
Setup a time and date for the next meeting.
and... spend the rest of your lives...

Today, in our overly technological society, our *brand new* dating forum is the internet. And thank God for that, who would ever want to meet some random person on the street—who knows who's out there, they might be a terrorist. So our society supposes it’s acceptable to post our personal information and hopes of finding true love on the internet (big business in that, as if it didn’t play a factor at all). Further more, some websites are dependent upon being the match maker, so we’ve completely removed ourselves from the process and we wonder why divorce is as high as it’s ever been. Now there’s news of people scamming others over romance, click here. It’s my intuition to say “you deserve what you get, b-tch” but that’s a bit harsh, but who’s really to blame: the scammer, the person naively trusting themselves over an Ethernet cable, or the company robbing you blind by promising love?

When classes are dismissed I’ll be working on something special, small social-science project. It’ll be a personal ad/essay entitled “looking for <3,”


Army Strong

I'm linking an article to this post. Here.

It's about Post-Traumatic Stress and the soldiers coming home. About 1 in 5 troops come back with visions of war that never leave them; when they close their eyes, they see the innocent burning or visions of their comrades blowing up. But the saddest part, only about half of them report every having them. There's a "toughen-up" mentality in the Army, "Army strong" means you can't have an personal problems or you're weak. Well when the soldiers that we have in Iraq start coming home, their families are going to really experience the hardest times. Someone should pen a script... maybe it should be me.

Update (04.22.2008)...
Dropping off another link. Here. The article is about using Stem Cells to regrow troops limbs when they come back from war. Some 250 million dollars, in conjunctions with universities, to further cover the cost of war. Food for thought: War wouldn't fly in a society that broad casted its ill effects.



I decided to video blog today, although I think I write (rather type) better, I need to work on not being so fearful of the camera.

Especially, when we'll have paparazzi around I think it's terribly more difficult to run. It'll be all good when they're friends, easier to market stuff too. "Clear the air", dispel rumors, clarify quotes or comments, that sorta case is where the paparazzi does better with you than against.

I could've just uploaded it directly, but YouTube is suppose to be about "Broadcast Yourself" right? Well, let's take this for spin.


The American President

I've kept mostly quiet about this year's presidential election, and it's been mostly out of my character to do so. I haven't personally endorsed any candidate, yet. This is especially odd because two of the prominent candidates being who they are, one an African-American and one a woman. The question was brought up yesterday, "who has more of a disadvantage, the woman or the black man?" and the general census was the woman. Although it thrills me to see that ethnicity places a smaller part under gender, it saddens me because this question should not exist. Not here in America, land of the free. Whose eastern border is marked with a women, holding a lamp at the "golden door"; no, not here in America, not in the land of opportunity. This presidential race should not be about color or gender. It should be about the presidency and this country.

The election itself has never really sat well with me, the whole process of it. The parading, the mudslinging, it all seems unnecessary, but in America this is how its done. I feel like it always comes down to "which is the lesser of two evils", a terrible way to choose a leader. The only president I've ever wanted to be a citizen under was never a candidate. Unanimously, the first president was never elected, he was asked to be president, given the job because he understood what America was--better than anyone else. Perhaps this is the criteria by which we should decide who should be our leader--their understanding of what America is, in 2008.

I would rather avoid anyone that wants to be president and choose the one that has to be president. No, I have not endorsed any presidential candidate and I'm not going to. I'm going to wait and see who resembles the American President most.

I'm really big on public speaking, how anyone can elect a president that can't put a sentence together is beyond me. Obama's speech after the Iowa Caucus was incredible.

And there's something special about Hillary's choked-up response.

"It’s not easy, and I couldn’t do it if I didn’t passionately believe it was the right thing to do. You know, I have so many opportunities from this country just don’t want to see us fall backwards."

"You know, this is very personal for me. It’s not just political it’s not just public. I see what’s happening, and we have to reverse it."

"Some people think elections are a game, lot’s of who’s up or who’s down, it’s about our country , it’s about our kids’ futures, and it’s really about all of us together."

"You know, some of us put ourselves out there and do this against some pretty difficult odds, and we do it, each one of us because we care about our country but some of us are right and some of us are wrong, some of us are ready and some of us are not, some of us know what we will do on day one and some of us haven’t thought that through enough."

Does your candidate know what to do on Day 1?


Life Resolutions

I've never really been into making resolutions on New Year's Eve/Day, it's not like me to need a day to make a change. Things are a little different this year, deep in my mind I know I'm on the verge of something epic and the day simply marks the beginning of that. I'm not sure now to describe it, but I feel a new aura about myself. It's quite strange really, I'm not sure when it began. Maybe it was the haircut, the purchase of a day planner, or the opening of a new account. It's probably the combination of things, but nevertheless I feel different than the days before. Almost like a new confidence, but confidence is something that I've always had. Today is the first day of the new year, but it merely marks the acknowledgment of that difference.

Witness The Rebirth is a channel on YouTube. We release our first video tomorrow, pending editing session. The artist and I set out to achieve success through our passion for Hip-Hop, but the problem is we aren't of the mainstream ethnicity. Can we still be successful if we release good music? Hip-Hop is in disarray, the number one song is a disgrace. Long gone are the songs about political action and real issues that garnered movement. Three years ago, Jadakiss released a song entitled "Why" with very little response; politically-charged "Mosh" from Eminem also fell to the side, overlooked under sub-par songs. Numbered are tracks about political action and real issues. Now with a country at war overseas and few citizens that could care at home, is this America? Hasn't "freedom of speech" given us a chance to speak our mind, is this what we do with that privilege? The revolution will be televised. Watch as two individuals chase the American Dream, search for the land of opportunity and breathe life back into Hip-Hop music.

I can end a battle with less than three words
If "Hip-Hop is dead", "Witness the Rebirth"