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And everyone loses their minds

So now I've seen it twice and now I really think this is one is a creeper (and completely AWESOME!). This time around, because I knew what was going to happen, I could sit back and really enjoy the performances and the story that was crafted.

I talked about Heath already, but really, all the actors did a such a fine job--especially Aaron Eckhart. I think it was overlooked because the scenes are cut very quickly, so there's a couple of glances and looks from Harvey Dent and Lt./Comm. Gordon that I missed the first time around. Aaron is bound to be overlooked because of his role in this (he's not the one of rooftops or blowing stuff up), but he is the emotional backbone of the story. He takes us through this world and its his dialogue that resonates and relates to the people. He is every person that wants to be Batman and every other person that says they don't need him; he's the hero with a face, and essentially better than Batman. He follows the rules and is the order without hypocrisy, justice without violence. He is what Bruce Wayne wants and what Batman can never be. What The Joker does to Harvey, is the tragedy of this story (and that scene is still damn-near heartbreaking.)

In some of the interviews, Christopher Nolan said he wanted to have The Joker cut in like a shark and he completed this with flying colors. Right from the beginning there's this other story that's going on and it has nothing to do with The Joker, and its because of his arrival that everything gets completely out of control. The Joker "introduce[s] a little anarchy" and has this great comment about plans, and order, that really exposes how complicated things have been. In that same dialogue, he advocates for chaos and gives a really great argument for it--it's almost as if he's good guy and everyone else is a controlling, power hungry fiend (no doubt, a commentary on our government). I'm headed to another viewing (finally in IMAX) but from what I can see, Nolan has done everything he set out to do.

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