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I know I haven't posted the last review and I'll get to it. It's written, I just haven't proof read it--I'll put it up soon.

But I wanted to show up and say something. I'm different today, something has changed. I'd hate to get all spiritual on you, it turns so many of you away, but I feel like nothing can stop me now. As of late, I've been struggling with everything I've been doing, whether or not its been right. Today is different. And I think it has to do with what had happened last night, a solar eclipse.

I get a newsletter from during special events and I got one this morning. Here's a little excerpt from it.
"If your Sun sign or Ascendant is Leo, almost every part of your life will be affected."
As you may already know, my Ascendant is a Leo, and thereby I am suppose to feel a change. [The Aquarians are suppose to feel something as well, they're in line with the eclipse.] And I do, almost like... I'm on another plateau. I feel like I can take over the world today. I know my life will be different from here on out, and I can't wait.


Only fitting that this would be 100 post!

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