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A new direction (?)

I haven't been on since August and I promise its within good reason.  I went through this sort of Identity Crisis, rethought how I projected myself and how to present it to the rest of the world.  And I went back down to bare basics, read a number of my posts and considered who I was from an audience's point-of-view and this is what I found.

I started from my very first post (and eventual heading).  Retraced my progress and what it meant to have a blog, and if that was different than having a web log. Because they're suppose to be the same thing, I shouldn't be so conflicted, but I was.  On one side, I wanted to report the news, jounalistically w/ editorial spin, bring you the late breaking details and how I feel about them.  And on the other side?  I want to give you my personal and private story, how bits and pieces of the world affect me and whatever I'm doing professionally or otherwise.  I have these two aspirations and the question here is, will it blend?

And so, I've made a decision.  This will remain a personal blog, commenting on things personal and private (to a certain degree).  Professionally, I will be starting a new blog.  And hopefully, I'll  be bringing my friends along.  I'll post details when they become available, so stay tuned!

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