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22 it is.

I'm putting my foot down, I'm launching another website Nov. 1st.

Someone can do the numerology on this one, but 11.1.2008 (11+1+2+0+0+8 = 22) is going to be a pretty special date.  That new direction I spoke about a few days ago will come full circle.  The site will consist of mostly me, initially, and more reactions to things I see happening.  In the new year (hopefully sooner), I will be adding new authors for multiple point-of-views, new passions for new connection.  And from that, we'll see how it grows.  I will send more details on the day of the launch, so for the time being busy yourself with finding out what "22" means.

I'm excited, but I know what I'm doing... I suspect you aren't yet, so let me clue you in and help you out with your little quest:

Of those born in 1984 (1+9+8+4 = 22), it is said that we need a partner we find stimulating, intellectually.

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