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Vibe Out in the New Year

I know most citizens of the United States are broke right now, and yeah that sucks, but you know things could be worse. I'm not hear to bring everyone down, I'm actually here to bring everyone up. Like Obama said, "it's time for a change."

This morning, I read something truly inspiring and I'd like to share it with you but some background information is needed. Excuse me while I take care of this now.
Plenty of people have this fear of 2012, and they say it'll be the end of the world. I'm a bit more optimistic and only say that it is an end to the world as we know it. I believe it is an end to the "cold" worldview that many seem to think is only possible. A "do no evil" policy seems to be upon us all. I see evidence for this in nearly every sector of "American Life."

Obama's slogan "change, we can believe in" to Google's dominance in the stock market, are pieces of this new mentality.

Our President-Elect is also a symbol of this new wave. He ran (and won!) with a campaign that ultimately said "yes, we can." The emphasis on "we," that somehow no matter how different we are from one another we are tied together and our fates are intertwined. And now that the majority has ruled, 58% of the voting public believes in this same ideal. Together, we will shape Washington; more importantly, together, we can do anything we choose to do. And it isn't just political.

The businesses have invoked a "new" capitalism, if you will, a holistic approach. A capitalism that is driven on the product and not the profit. Virgin is steady gaining speed in the States, and they're philanthropic tendencies are infectious. Apple, now at the height of its success, is lending a hand to those also reaching for the brass ring. There are countless developers making over $250,000 off of iPhone apps and cost at next to nothing to produce. Google's Android OS looks to do the same thing, but their helping hands can be seen elsewhere--YouTube is one example, their environmentally friendly offices is another. [What I'm calling a "new" capitalism, is actually a retrograde to what capitalism originally was but I'll save that for another post.] Yes, companies are failing and falling but when examined, those companies were desperately trying to grind out a profit instead of a good product.

Even Iron Man, the comic book character, is an example of this. The billionaire war monger takes it upon himself to suit-up and "protect those that he put in harm's way." This idea and character resonates with viewers but Marvel's recent success, I'd argue, can also be attributed to their attempt to put forth a positive image in the movie industry. Making decisions about product before profits has lead them to be a successful new start-up. Not to overshadow that fact that they were first to receive the Environmental Media Association stamp, at the end of the Incredible Hulk. They've become the new standard, and it stretches beyond the film industry.

[Sorry the extended tangent, but I felt that it was needed.]
It appears to me now, the only way a company will succeed is when that company relies on its content and not it's potential profit. Though profit is not to be ignored, we are after all a capitalistic society, success is measured by a brand's core values. Also necessary, is a way of giving back to the world. Using their own profits to help others in need, I believe, is a trend that will not fade.


SocialVibe is program/app used in conjunction with your social network. You advertise a brand you like and every time someone visits your page, that brand donates to a cause of your choice. You help them advertise, they donate for you. This program is a pure example of what I'm talking about. Not only does it let "broke" people donate to their cause, it promotes a brand that is willing to lend a helping hand. The brand's kickback is an active advertiser, but also a positive outlook.

But that was the inspiring thing I saw yesterday. Today, I read something different. One of SocialVibes newest member said this:
"I'm supporting my cause because I feel that I am privileged to be able to sit at home and be on Facebook or MySpace and that someone else can benefit from it as well"
That just warms the heart. His cause is the Starlight Children's Foundation and he's my kid brother. That's the future, the world after 2012, that I see. He and his friends are an inspiring example to us all.

You can visit his SV page. Help him and his cause by visiting his Facebook, and find your cause here.

ps... you can find me too.

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