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"It's all... part of the plan."

I'm just spitballing here, but I think I might know what's up. All the dates/places have been covered on the Batmobile/Batpod Tour except the last two locations of the list posted by Film School Rejects. Those two locations are in Chicago and New York, the coordinates on the previous post.

We might get a live Bat(vehicle) appearance at these two locations. Especially, if it'll be broadcasting LIVE. Yeah, this is definitely going to be something special.

(Specifically Chicago)
Also note, that location is Wacker Drive. Pretty big for the movie already, there's so many clips have been taken from there, but there's also a scene where The Dark Knight is on the Sears Tower overlooking the view. Now, those coordinates (after you google map it) point to a park just northwest of the Sears Tower. So if you looked up at the Sears Tower, and Batman was still there, he'd be looking down at us.

That last part is a bit far-fetched but the excitement for this film has made me a bit crazy. Less than 6½ hours away, we'll find out soon...

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