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The Surge is working

That's what they tell us about the war, but is it really? Are we truly in a better place than last year? I believe another surge is happening, working within our own borders. What difference a year makes. Last year, I commented on the idea that we (as a country) were heading in the wrong direction and needed to find the hero within us all. A part of me still feels this way, but to a lesser degree. Although most things have not changed, many things have.

This presidential election has developed into something worth watching; for the first time, I feel it is my obligation to vote. Four years ago, I felt the same need but in a different sense. Last election, I knew not enough individuals could swing the office. My vote would not count. On top of that, pulling an individual out of office during the early stages of war is not wise. If its soldiers do not trust the general immediately after the initial battle, it is the fault of the entire company--not just the commanding officer. This time around, a new chief is coming and we will inexplicably shape the next four year's of this country. We are asking to choose a leader and project the true image of this nation. This, in a nutshell, is the agenda of my post today.

America is and will always be a country in the hands of its citizens. By definition, in a democracy, government is a result of its people. When we consciously choose not to participate in government, we are then at the mercy of the people put into power. This country is a reflection of its people, and is always the sum of those that have spoken. The government's mentality may not coincide with yours or the people around you, but it resonates with more people that have chosen to voice their opinion. It is imperative that you voice yours, especially more so when yours differs from those that are in power. If you do not agree with how the government is representing you, and specifically you, then you need to take a stand. Your ballot card is the first and obvious example. You don't have to hold a rally to be a revolutionist, voicing your concerns with your fellow countrymen is enough.

You want to make this country a better place, speak. The heroes we long for are within us all. Our voices are the strength of this country.

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