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5 reasons why The Dark Knight will be epic.

1. Gotham’s Hero. Enter Batman: A city’s first son sets out to inspire the citizens to take their city back after the loss of his parents. Listen closely to the dialogue; hear what is being said to Bruce Wayne. His conversations with Henri Ducard shape the man that he is to become. When he talks to Alfred, the only person that knows who he truly is, he talks about what his intentions are and the symbol he wants to be. What separates Batman from everyone one else? [Bonus: Don't miss the conversation with Gordon at the end.]

2. The Escalation. Enter the Joker: A sadistic madman with a taste for the theatrical. Focus on the laugh and how sinister his promise is, as the symbol for Batman is destroyed. What must Batman escalate to, to stop a narcissistic sociopath like this?

3. The Villain. Pay close attention to how the Joker changes in just the trailer itself. From "only knives and lint" to a machine gun aggressor screaming "hit me". Easily the most telling of the trailers released, this is a sense of the board and the chess pieces. Can Batman keep his order or will he break his rules to save the city from chaos?

4. Gotham's White Knight. Enter Harvey Dent: The city’s advocate is out to purge the city of violence and corruption. Battling organized crime without breaking the law, the people of Gotham pit him against the terrorism that Batman employs to scare the mob. The citizens demand the identity of a vigilante to end the streak of escalated violence, but the new DA needs him to drag in those he can't touch. Can Harvey Dent defend Batman long enough to bring the Falcone crime family to justice?

5. The Darkest Hour. Let the games begin; Dent's systematic removal of violence, Batman's aggravated war on crime, and Joker's need for disorder force these three to collide on the streets of Gotham. How does Batman take on a man’s sick agenda to tear the world around him? Can Harvey Dent reign in a new corruption free city that no longer needs Batman? As flesh and blood, can be trusted to the throne of Gotham?

You couldn't be as excited as I am, but this thrill ride will ultimately be about a basic human condition. Underneath all the beautiful explosions is a question about the nature of man; are we more evil than good? Or does our conscious give us ability to choose what is right over what is wrong? And finally, do we have the strength to do what is needed, when the time to do so is upon us?

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