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5 Reasons Why The Dark Knight Will Be A Revolution

In no particular order, below is my list of reasons why I have so much conviction for this upcoming film. All of it can be attributed to me being on set but there's something else about this one, something special. Based on my experience and what I knew of the film before the viral marketing, interviews, and trailers---the stuff I got while on "RFK" this is going to be a groundbreaking.

1. Heath Ledger

Clearly taken before his prime, Heath immersed himself in this role. I got a chance to see Heath in Chicago, during the mass panic scene in the trailer(s). Without giving too much away, The Joker is in that scene and as you may of guessed he's the reason for all the running and screaming. At the beginning, I'm standing at the corner watching the speech, and by the end, the Joker is awkwardly hiding behind the same lamp post. He had a number of poses and he tried a few things, attempting to hide--think Bugs Bunny outsmarting Elmer Fudd. During one of the breaks he was reported skipping through the street, whether or not that was part of the final cut, we'll see, but it "put a smile on [my] face". Just to clear the air, from what I saw, he was having a great time being something he was not... you know... acting.

2. Aaron Eckhart

Aaron is also in that scene and he seemed a bit "always in character", very focused, but there was those moments where he was taking pictures of surrounding buildings. It seemed like a tourist, like he's never been in Chicago before. He was talking to a few of the extras, production crew, and all-in-all enjoying himself. After each take, he was almost always with Christopher Nolan looking at the scene they just shot. Judging by his previous work, Aaron can be a convincing 'white knight' for the city of Gotham and he can play a very real Harvey Two Face like we've never seen on film.

3. Christian Bale

Already proven, Bale has provided the depth for the three main characters the film demands. The first role, is that of Bruce Wayne, billionaire playboy philanthropist which is merely a facade for the paparazzi to glaze over. The second role, is of Bruce Wayne again, but of another kind. Alfred's Bruce Wayne, Henri Ducard's apprentice, Rachel Dawes' love interest, the real Bruce Wayne--the one he can't show anyone else because it makes him vulnerable and human. And last, but certainly not least, is Batman. Bruce Wayne's outlet and means to deal with the death of his parents, the symbol he hopes that will inspire the citizens of Gotham. I have no doubt Bale getting back into that role is like riding a bike or getting in a familiar uniform. These three characters are going to be revisited and expanded upon, like only Bale can embody.

4. Christopher Nolan & Co.

The creative team that created the first are back again, with a new part to their story of Batman. The dark, grittier Gotham is a product of their imagination, the Tumbler, the suit, and the tone is of their creation. Goyer and Nolan each have a list of credibility in their own right, but together is unimaginable. Only with the world they've created can The Joker's true nature be envisioned. Sourcing material like The Dark Knight Returns, Hush, The Killing Joke, and The Long Halloween, will definitely provide a very different Batman than we've seen before Nolan took over. For them to sit down and craft the next chapter can only result in great things. To explore the ramifications of what one has created is a designer's dream. Added to context of a comic-book adaption is nothing short of brilliance.

5. Gotham/Chicago

The stage of a comic is difficult to find, the limitations of the real word prevent most images from transferring over. But the Chicago Film Office gave this creative team the freedom to do as they believed was possible. I was working late one evening, walking through the city, I was forced to take a detour from my normal route. LaSalle St. was blocked off and I knew filming was going on, so I asked what was the big scene. One of the familiar staging assistants said there was going to be an explosion, then he whispered to me they were going to flip a semi. As my eyes lit up, he reassured me. "Yeah, flip a semi, head over heels." This on top of shutting down CTA stations, sectioning off four blocks of Randolph, tapering off the Michigan Ave. bridge, and demolishing an abandon candy factory confirms they could do every image on their production still without CGI; the comic adaption would be real putting Chicago back in the limelight.

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