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Batmap! & Batlinks!

As you can probably tell, I'm excited for The Dark Knight. I've got my little countdown here...

Today is the first official day of Dark Knight Week and all the Film sites are in a frenzy. Film School Reject's have posted their Guide to the Dark Knight, for a bit of background information. Think of it as the terrain Christopher Nolan has embarked on to make this film as epic as it should be. If you plan on venturing into Chicago for a viewing, may I suggest a little map--it's a guide through the streets of Chicago as depicted in Nolan's vision of Gotham. Another incentive to be at Navy Pier, the Tumbler and Batpod, they will be there at The Dark Knight Gala.

I'm sure it comes as no surprise, but I have 3 viewings already set and confirmed. Only one being in IMAX, which I have to heavily suggest. IMAX is the next generation format, its (a very large) open door to a world that the film provides. Especially with a film like this, the city of Gotham must surround you to get the bulk of the experience. Theaters will be playing for 72 hours straight, and I must stress many have been already sold out.

But to achieve the whole experience, you must get into the viral marketing campaign. I know many have tried to stay clear of this but I assure you, this is not just a cheap ploy. The clips add to bits and parts not explored on screen. They add additional plot points and fanfare to the the story that is about to unfold. The marketing team has kept consistency amongst all characters and provided more viewpoints on Harvey Dent, Batman and of course, the Joker. We've already heard the film is going to be "epic" but these little scenes let the film reach beyond the screen and into our world, making it something we all can be a part of. I'm sure most of you caught the 6 minute prologue (it's on the Batman Begins Blu-Ray too, in beautiful Hi-Def!) but the GCN has a "breaking news" story during an interview with Harvey Dent. Warner Bros. have done a great job in marketing. Be sure to check out all the TV spots/interviews/trailers at, stay industry current with Film School Rejects and /Films, and get the inside/unofficial scoop at The Dark Knight - Unofficial Blog.


Below is the list of all the viral marketing websites, all of which have been marked by the Joker:

ACME Security System
Betty's House Of Pies
Citizens For Batman
Concerned Citizens For A Better Gotham
Dana Worthington
Gina Tortericci
Gotham Cab Company
Gotham Cable News
Gotham City Clerk
Gotham City Pizzeria
Gotham City Rail
Gotham Election Board
Gotham Ferry System
Gotham National Bank
Gotham Police Department
Gotham Police Internal Affairs Department
Gotham Times
The Gotham Unified School District
Gotham Victims Advocate Foundation
Harvey Dent
Joseph Candoloro & Associates
Maiden Avenue Report
Kinsly Travel
Maroni Imports
Pasquale's Bistro
Rossi's Delicatessen
St. Swithuns Catholic Church
Trust Garcetti
We Are The Answer

And when you put the puzzle pieces together, you get to a special surprise by Warner Bros.

All of which, were reported to, have been sold within the hour.

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