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Another set of stars for The Dark Knight

I have no doubt this film is going to be perfect. Upon the release of this film, Christopher Nolan will have completed 3-year long journey to craft a story both relevant to our world and progressive to the comic. Comic adaptions up to this point all have been just that; adaptions, stories already told, told again. From being on set, to seeing the clips/stills and exclusive footage, after analyzing the world that has been created, I see all the pieces of the formula in place. Looking over their source material, I can only see a great film. Nolan and company have done their research and their methodology will produce a comic book film, instead of movie, like no other. Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk were steps in the right direction, but their villains lacked a certain something--something unrealistic. They belong only to the comic world, but The Joker is timeless because he has basic human flaws. Flaws that we can see in ourselves if we stared into the mirror a bit too long. Flaws that would unravel us after one bad day. Flaws that would drive us psychotic if given too much attention.

I'm calling it now...
It will be the first comic book adaption that receives an Oscar!

"I don't want to kill you..."
"You complete me."

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