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in all the wrong places...

Here's a series of events that aren't likely to happen:

Go to a cafe.
Introduce yourself.
Have a great conversation.
Setup a time and date for the next meeting.
and... spend the rest of your lives...

Today, in our overly technological society, our *brand new* dating forum is the internet. And thank God for that, who would ever want to meet some random person on the street—who knows who's out there, they might be a terrorist. So our society supposes it’s acceptable to post our personal information and hopes of finding true love on the internet (big business in that, as if it didn’t play a factor at all). Further more, some websites are dependent upon being the match maker, so we’ve completely removed ourselves from the process and we wonder why divorce is as high as it’s ever been. Now there’s news of people scamming others over romance, click here. It’s my intuition to say “you deserve what you get, b-tch” but that’s a bit harsh, but who’s really to blame: the scammer, the person naively trusting themselves over an Ethernet cable, or the company robbing you blind by promising love?

When classes are dismissed I’ll be working on something special, small social-science project. It’ll be a personal ad/essay entitled “looking for <3,”

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