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Army Strong

I'm linking an article to this post. Here.

It's about Post-Traumatic Stress and the soldiers coming home. About 1 in 5 troops come back with visions of war that never leave them; when they close their eyes, they see the innocent burning or visions of their comrades blowing up. But the saddest part, only about half of them report every having them. There's a "toughen-up" mentality in the Army, "Army strong" means you can't have an personal problems or you're weak. Well when the soldiers that we have in Iraq start coming home, their families are going to really experience the hardest times. Someone should pen a script... maybe it should be me.

Update (04.22.2008)...
Dropping off another link. Here. The article is about using Stem Cells to regrow troops limbs when they come back from war. Some 250 million dollars, in conjunctions with universities, to further cover the cost of war. Food for thought: War wouldn't fly in a society that broad casted its ill effects.

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