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Life Resolutions

I've never really been into making resolutions on New Year's Eve/Day, it's not like me to need a day to make a change. Things are a little different this year, deep in my mind I know I'm on the verge of something epic and the day simply marks the beginning of that. I'm not sure now to describe it, but I feel a new aura about myself. It's quite strange really, I'm not sure when it began. Maybe it was the haircut, the purchase of a day planner, or the opening of a new account. It's probably the combination of things, but nevertheless I feel different than the days before. Almost like a new confidence, but confidence is something that I've always had. Today is the first day of the new year, but it merely marks the acknowledgment of that difference.

Witness The Rebirth is a channel on YouTube. We release our first video tomorrow, pending editing session. The artist and I set out to achieve success through our passion for Hip-Hop, but the problem is we aren't of the mainstream ethnicity. Can we still be successful if we release good music? Hip-Hop is in disarray, the number one song is a disgrace. Long gone are the songs about political action and real issues that garnered movement. Three years ago, Jadakiss released a song entitled "Why" with very little response; politically-charged "Mosh" from Eminem also fell to the side, overlooked under sub-par songs. Numbered are tracks about political action and real issues. Now with a country at war overseas and few citizens that could care at home, is this America? Hasn't "freedom of speech" given us a chance to speak our mind, is this what we do with that privilege? The revolution will be televised. Watch as two individuals chase the American Dream, search for the land of opportunity and breathe life back into Hip-Hop music.

I can end a battle with less than three words
If "Hip-Hop is dead", "Witness the Rebirth"

1 comment:

steakified said...

Hey Mang,

I commend your ambition to let your views be heard and what you're trying to do. If you have your sights on where you're going don't get too focused that you forget where you came from. Music/ideas that have no roots really mean nothing.

good luck, i'll ttyl.