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I stand at the edge... looking into the oblivion of the next year--what is to come. I'm doing everything I can to prepare, but I am unsure of what lies ahead. How am I suppose to prepare for something I am so unsure of? I mean, I think I know what's coming. "It's like I can predict the future now." I've planned for this, and I've nearly completed everything that I need to prepare. Are we ready? Am I ready?

Checklist (as of 2007.12.27):
ProTools... check
FruityLoops... check
Camera... check
Mohawk... check
Moleskines... check

YouTube... waiting

MMVM... processing
Template... processing
Final Cut... processing
Publishing... processing

Powerbook and G5...
Sometimes life throws curve balls, learn to hit them and you'll get paid.

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