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The Archer

Lately, I’ve been all into astrology… for a couple of reasons:
  1. It’s pretty damn interesting.

  2. It’s pretty damn intriguing.

  3. And I’m writing a short story that uses the astrological names as the characters names.
I must admit, that this is pretty difficult to do. The feeling I’m getting is that, for writers, its difficult to create a genuine character—a character that’s realistic and relatable. So, for my short story, I’m taking the traits of the astrological signs and making them into characters just to see what happens when 12 people that are similar but unique are in a room together and how that interaction plays out.
As I’m working on this, I’m finding out more and more about my astrological sign and thus more about myself. Some of this knowledge is made of only the stuff I think about when I lie awake, staring at the ceiling. With astrology, one’s future can be told simply by one’s birth date and location on the planet. This is because all the stars line in a particular pattern and format that can be read. Referring to my “Fate vs. Destiny” post, I’d like to believe that some of my future has not been set in stone. I just gotta have some control over some stuff. What I read, most of which, I liked; but astrology works best in generalities, and so, I disagreed with some of it. I’d like to think that I could make something, that’s against what the stars say, work. If it took defying gravity to achieve my goal, I’d do it [look at airplanes for an example]. I know the stars watch over us, but could I—if I wanted it bad enough—defy the stars?

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