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The Archer

Lately, I’ve been all into astrology… for a couple of reasons:
  1. It’s pretty damn interesting.

  2. It’s pretty damn intriguing.

  3. And I’m writing a short story that uses the astrological names as the characters names.
I must admit, that this is pretty difficult to do. The feeling I’m getting is that, for writers, its difficult to create a genuine character—a character that’s realistic and relatable. So, for my short story, I’m taking the traits of the astrological signs and making them into characters just to see what happens when 12 people that are similar but unique are in a room together and how that interaction plays out.
As I’m working on this, I’m finding out more and more about my astrological sign and thus more about myself. Some of this knowledge is made of only the stuff I think about when I lie awake, staring at the ceiling. With astrology, one’s future can be told simply by one’s birth date and location on the planet. This is because all the stars line in a particular pattern and format that can be read. Referring to my “Fate vs. Destiny” post, I’d like to believe that some of my future has not been set in stone. I just gotta have some control over some stuff. What I read, most of which, I liked; but astrology works best in generalities, and so, I disagreed with some of it. I’d like to think that I could make something, that’s against what the stars say, work. If it took defying gravity to achieve my goal, I’d do it [look at airplanes for an example]. I know the stars watch over us, but could I—if I wanted it bad enough—defy the stars?


So 12 has always been my lucky number and on June (06, half of 12 months) 12, 2006, I went to see an early screening of The Lake House. After the screening, I believe it to be a beautiful movie… no initial complaints (maybe a bit of understanding difficulty due to the general nature of the film… you know that whole two years apart thing but that is the case with most time travel movies). This may be because I chose to watch/enjoy this movie and not be too critical. Or maybe it was the fact that it showed/taught what I’ve been trying to teach. In fact, the whole experience showed me (and hopefully, the rest of my party) an example of something I’ve been trying to actualize. Walk with me…

*Disclaimer* None of this details are fiction, they are not exaggerated in any way *Disclaimer*

I had acquired tickets to see The Lake House from the Chicago Architecture Foundation; I was given one ticket capable of admitting two individuals. As soon as I read that I could invite someone, I thought of who would want to go and—obviously—who I wanted to go with. Many names, but no decisions were made. I spoke to my co-worker about acquiring more tickets so that I could bring all those that would want to go. I then received another ticket, now able to admit four individuals, and thirsted for more. The next time I asked I requested 10 tickets, it was taken as sarcasm… but the screening was going to be overbooked anyway and it was then “first come, first seated,” so handing out extra tickets would simply be meaningless. Nevertheless, my request was granted but I waited until 6/09/2006 before I received them (simply out of courtesy). I then asked individuals to attend this movie with me and the overall census was “we don’t want to see another speed.” (This may also be due to the fact that the gentlemen I asked live in the suburbs… ladies, I don’t know if you know this but I don’t think guys want to drive for 40-60 minutes to see a chick flick, especially with other guys) I’m thinking, this is gonna be a bust, but I would be satisfied if one individual attended with me. I don’t have a problem flying solo, but I mean, who wants to go to a premier by themselves. Anyways, one person was on board, and I was content, I stopped asking. When I received the tickets on 06/09/2006, I opened my envelope to find 6 tickets. Wow… I was given 16 seats to fill (8 tickets), excited, I again posed this question to the individuals I had asked before… and a snagged a few more on board, but not enough to fill the rest of the seats. I, left an away message on my aim, but received no responses. I decided it was okay, and left it alone, 5 seats would be left unfulfilled. During the chaos of this day, I acquired another 3 movie goers… I would be filling 14 seats (1 extra ticket). Steadily approaching the movie time, a part of my party had not arrived; out of fear of missing the movie completely, I sent part of my party in to save 14 seats and fill 5 (they took 3 tickets, now I’m down to 5 tickets/10 seats). I ended up using all (5) tickets left with me, 8 people arrived (4 tickets) and I entered the theatre (1 ticket). Isn’t it interesting that I would be given 8 tickets, when I only requested 5 (7 including the two I already owned) and then to use all the tickets to get the entire party in? Watching this movie play in my head, and the relationship to the audience is unbelievable. How is it possible for a director, who I believe doesn’t know me or any of my closest companions, to film something so close to my life (even in the details) and for us to see it all together? [There are details in the movie (and also broad ideas) that directly affect/relate to my party and me.] Breathing the same air, in the same proximity, only difference being… we are all seeing the movie, but only from different views. [I do apologize for speaking in riddles, I can’t help it. And to speak plainly would be… unjust.]

Some of you may be thinking I’m making something out of nothing or over-analyzing a daily occurrence. But haven’t you ever stepped into a room and have your favorite song (at the moment) play? Or while you’re driving in the car and thinking to yourself “I want to hear this song,” and have the radio DJ put it on after the current one finishes? How about when you’re explaining a problem to a friend and you overhear someone, you have no relation to, say something as if it was a solution to your problem, but that someone just keeps walking like it wasn’t intended for you? Or have somebody give you something that you have no idea what to do with it, then it becomes the only thing that will solve an issue further down the line? Or someone you never talk to, sitting there (almost waiting for you), when you need to vent and they have already experienced what you’re going through? I mean I could simply explain it with frequency, but it happens much too often to be that. I could call it ironic, but it happens so many times it’s not comedic.

Is it possible for the world to subtly prepare for future events? I wanna know if it’s possible for the world to prepare me to cater/relate/adjust to someone or something. Someone tell me, how the world knows what difficulties I will run into and gives me the keys to the solution.

Some people like to open a blind eye and a deaf ear and call it coincidence, but I know better.