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The Most Terrifying Video I've Ever Seen

I came across something on digg today that needed to share with all of you. You've probably figured out what side of the environmental argument that I'm on; if not, I'm riding with the "global warming is very real, and we need to do something about it" crew. I have an attachment to the environmental problem, the emotions that it conjures up are unspeakable. [Right now, while I'm typing, my hands are shaking.] I promise we'll get into this after, onto the video!

The video is an argument for action, on the global climate crisis (if you believe it to be a problem or not). It's intent is to look at the problem objectively, without emotion, and through logic. Think "Risk Management." It is oversimplified but with good reason; it makes it easier for everyone to understand, and the conclusion very clear. Here's the video.

What did you everyone think? I hope it invoked something... for the love of god, anything... please! I'll be weighing in the the global warming issue soon. I'm with "Blog Action Day" and we'll be posting about the environment come October 15, 2007. [Please join us as you see fit.] I've got 8 days left to wrap mine up.

As promised, here we go...
I'd liked to believe that I've gained a reputation as a problem-solver. "Got a problem, tell me about it, and we'll take care of it," that's how I am with almost everything. Some problems I do not and/or cannot have a solution for, but I have suggestions. In the slightest sense, this is how I feel about Global Climate Change. The difference is, the result of my inability to provide a solution results in catastrophic events. I'll never deal with a problem with this much riding on the it. Our world is a stake, and I have no comment. For this, I am a failure and there is no apology that will be good enough.

I want to conclude with a few extra notes. Ahhh... there is something to be said about needing a leader... and stuff about lost potential. And it all can be summed up with one little story:
At the height of the Second World War, we (as a human race) were industrializing so much we had the ability to feed every living being. Every nation horded their greatest scientists and conducted experiments to test our limits. But. We chose to send nuclear warheads, and keep up with the production schedule.
I think it's safe to say, we made a mistake. But, we have a chance to redeem ourselves, Global Climate Change has given us that chance to make up for all of our wrongs as a race. But, we're choosing to not do anything about it.

This is a problem I cannot solve on my own, and I need your help. Please, will you help me?

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