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Wow… this needs to be pan out as much as possible… It’s on Google’s main personalized homepage… I’m sure they’ve got it covered… a little more can’t hurt. Please read the link before for proceeding.

I have found truth in every statement… there’s nothing clearer than the ideas that are expressed here. I’m old-fashioned in many ways… these are old fashion ideas… and they work… for what reason why we have changed… I have no idea… back to basics; I believe is what we need. I believe when one person is going to “date” someone else they should go somewhere. Ya know… like a date. I’d say go to a place nice to eat… nice sit down restaurant. I’d prefer this because I can have an expert prepared meal, nice conversation, find some more information about the person across the table, and check up on manners (how the person across the table eats… tells a lot about the person). I believe the more expensive the restaurant, the more important the manners. That essence in natural presentation, we’ve lost that as a society. My father taught me to eat properly, when to use the proper spoon… how to eat… how to present yourself… because only you can truly present it. We’ve all been deduced to savages. Anyways… that was a bit of a tangent. I must say… maintaining a relationship is a rather difficult thing to do. But it’s only difficult because we make it difficult. How hard is it really to speak your mind? Communicate? Sometimes the ideas aren’t expressed clearly… and that’s due to the language barrier… but just attempting to say something means something. Could you image the death-toll if no one spoke their mind about the Vietnam War? Could you image the state of the United States of American, if Dr. King didn’t speak what he truly felt about equality? Furthermore, what Malcolm X said about the same subject? Communication is key… sometimes it’s difficult to convey a message (as it is difficult when I type to all of you) but at least there is something. You have a mind… think, it’s what makes you human. Yes, that means if you don’t have a mind, you’re not human.

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