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The First Fall

Hello everyone, [as I greet everyone with an extra big smile on my face] Today, I’m a bit happier than my normal state of happiness. Many factors are attributing to this… there’s not enough time in the day to speak on all the subjects. Tonight, I want to talk about the beautiful white fluff that falls from the sky.

Snow, every time I see it… I can’t help it… I just have to smile at it. The snow just reminds me of so many different things all at once. I long for the days where I can sit back enjoy a cup of hot chocolate [with marshmallows] and watch the snow fall… watch it pile up… endless white as far as the eye can see from top to bottom. Outlines of rocks, trees, bushes, and buildings… everything… covered in white fluff. Completely form-able when packed… and so fluffy unpacked… it just takes so many different forms. I can’t really understand why people don’t like the snow… yeah… they say its cold… so what… stay inside… doesn’t take away from it being so damn playful, just watching it fall is enough to smile about. Winter wonderland… yeah, I’m trying to find it still. That’s where I’m going to live, a place that has snow 70%-80% of the year… maybe even 100% of the year… roll out the ATV and just enjoy it. I’m drifting… drifting into a day dream… hopefully next time it’ll be something more intellectual, the installation project is taking over.

On second thought, I haven’t explained the next project… well it’s an installation project. We are going to build [out of cardboard] an interior into the existing Architecture building. Basically, most groups are given an overlooked space of the building and are going to install something [hopefully, makes the area more inviting] into it. My group was blessed with the site near the main entrance… a site that most people are late to go to class… they walk past everyday. I've noticed that most people are usually only in these area for a brief moment and the design should reflect that. I also wanted to pay tribute to the original Architecture of the building. The original function of our site was to be the center of circulation… it was the main/grand staircase of the building. I wanted to make sure people would continue to interact within it… now it is overlooked… I planned to bring more people back to it. As most of my projects, I have haters… but there will always be haters and that never hampers the success of a well planned design. I don’t worry about haters. When they’re runnin’ low, I’m just startin’.

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