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geez... 21 was a long time ago.

The font is done... well it's as done as it going to be for tomorrow's presentation. I think its enough to get a consideration on publication, now wouldn't that be some pimp shiet! Second Year in Architecture School and gettin' shiet published. Oh yeah... for the people in my class or even in my school, I'm going to for the design of the T-Shirt for our school. Wish me luck, but if you're against me.... hehheh... Good Luck (I’ll be a good sport about it, unless your design just isn't all that great). Yeah, so Imma start working on that tomorrow (projects never stop with me, I hit the ground running). Anyways... back to the font, if I have to choose I’m going with the lower cases (to me, they just look better) and then if I can do both I will. But for all the pieces of work I have I’d take up the whole wall and that just isn't far. If it gets a few good comments or even if it gets a second look (by a graphic designer), imma ask if it’s worthy to get published. Then we'll see where that goes. Hopefully it'll be on the up and up. I just hope they (professors and guests, which are going to be there tomorrow) grasp the concept, which I think they will. And if they don't, it's in my sketch book and they're going to be looking through that. I know the one professor that is assigned to me, I know she gets it. And the graphic designer that came to talk to us, I think he gets it. Sorry, I'm leaving names out... I don't have consent and I don't wanna be sayin' stuff and others gettin' all bent outta shape. There's little mishaps on the hand written part of the font, but if its going to get publish I can fix those things on Photoshop (they're not hugely noticeable). Y'all should see my room, papers and all kind of shiet everywhere. But I’m too tired to clean up; I’ll clean up before I start the T-Shirt design. Oh yeah, I’m custom making my own stamp. That should be fun, custom logo and everything. Cuz well I always wanted a wax (or blood) stamp and I never like manufactured designs (they just don't have any personality), so imma make my own. Yeah, so those projects are lining up... but it's not like its work because I like doing it and its all stuff I want done.

[Man, I just lost my post this is where it was recovered]

Anyway... imma try and salvage my thought about what I was talking about. I was discussing birthday (before my post got lost). This is what I posted on my cuz's friend's blog (as a comment):

even though you're birthday goes unnoticed, don't feel bad. I think to myself, my birth was not a blessing to me (really). It was more of a blessing to my parents... they wanted me to be here. People always say... yeah you're a year older, but that doesn't really say anything about how much you've developed. On my birthday, I think to myself what got me here to this date. I think about my parents, my closest cousins (Tony, Janet, and Kim), their parents, and all the people that I’ve come across to this date. Nothing happens in a person's day that doesn't affect them in some way shape or form. I know it's great to get an awesome birthday, but don't be bummed if ya don't. I just like it when my parents remember my birthday... it's when I first came into their lives and not the other way around.

Yeah... that's my view of it... I've never really had like a huge birthday bash kinda thing going, I think I had one when I was a kid and only child but I can't remember much of that. When I was in a relationship, she always gave it her all to make it a great day. But other than those instances it's usually just me celebrating other's birthdays... just doesn't matter to me much. I'd be kinda upset it my parents didn't take notice, but it's their day and they'll celebrate it anyway they want. I'm turning 21 this year and everyone is like oh you gotta go here or you gotta go there and I dunno... that would be cool but do I have to go for my birthday? Shouldn't I be home with the ones that brought me into this world, and let them enjoy how much I've grown? Instead of running around and growing up faster than I probably should. I think I’m pretty grown up, but I'd rather show that off to my parents than to my friends and whatever else they can get me into. Now if the home situation isn't the greatest, then yeah so celebrate it with the ones that will appreciate it or wanna do something for ya. That's all cool and all that, but lemme get some home cookin' or a nice conversation or some fond memories and I’m good to go. Anyway y'all, I’m out... I gotta hit up Kinko’s in the morning to print out some 11X17's (those crazy professors).


B said...

Yay rah on the font, don't make your letters too sexy, some letters might get the wrong idea and i and o will get together and be dirty and make a whole bunch of Q's and not a lot of words use q's. I mean how many times do you use q in a day? I kill myself... but i'm pretty sure i'm the only one who thinks i'm funny...

steakified said...

My how you have grown...and to think, I used to whooop the sh*t out of you...;), Carl, think of it this way.

Your birthday is your day, do how you feel and spend it with whom ever. I've never been one for clubs or going to places to get smashed, much like my bachelor party I just wanted to spend time with people that are important to me or just happen to be in the right place at the right time and through this flexibility, I've met and known new people that I never ever would have normally hung out with and now even though some of them are gone, I'm grateful that they spent time in my life, no matter how short it was.