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What are we doin' tonight Brain...?

Nothing drastic to report today... just the fact that it's 3:43 AM and I just finished for my presentation tomorrow. Hehheh... just realized some people might not know anything about me. Well let's just fix that first.

First Name: Carl
Family Name: Lee
Nicknames/Alias: ...? Dragon? DragonRomeo? (Now...) Tainted Dragon?
Location: Chicago... UIC
Occupation: Student
Major: Architecture (possible double in Philosophy)
Martial Status: (We'll get into that another day)
Interests: They vary like the color wheel.

Well that’s about the core and all y’all really needed to know.... But seriously... I hate this crap... about me shiet... I once posted a question on my AIM away message (stating something like "if someone asked you to describe me, what would you say?") and I got some pretty interesting answers, but I didn't get that many... conclusion people can't really describe me and I can't describe myself so let's just let the blog speak for itself (over time). If you can't already tell... I'm analytical to a fault... really to the point where I either hate the fact that I am human (and therefore flawed) or hate the society we must (for now) exist in (until I change it up a little). I'm sure most of you will get that feeling after a few hours of reading my nonsense that makes the world seem perfectly balanced and yet chaotic (little taste of Descartes there). Anyways... if anyone cares here is why my name on here is Tainted Dragon.

Tainted Dragon.
Tainted (Thank you
1. To affect with or as if with a disease.
2. To affect with decay or putrefaction; spoil. See Synonyms at contaminate.
3. To corrupt morally.
4. To affect with a tinge of something reprehensible.

Dragon:1. Mythical creature hold in nearly all cultures of old and new.
Egyptian: Anubus (God of the underworld) kept a Dragon as his pet and guardian. Also other references.
European: Feared flying creature, some thought to be the symbol of Asian take-over of the European countries.
Asian: Duh...?
2. "Monster" held for the creation and eventual destruction of the world.
3. Large reptile, sometimes winged, serpents tail, lion's claw (the number of claws changes in different cultures as well), scaly skin.
4. (Last but not least) Strong minded individual.

Using those definitions...

well you can kinda figure why I run this blog under Tainted Dragon. Yeah... I know... analytical... I can't help it. Well that's a good for now... I'll post more later, I got sleep to get before my presentation tomorrow (gotta think of something to say).


Spinning Girl said...

I was here! I never knew what a T.D. was before...

b said...

Narf bitch