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Music dictates Life?

Ooooh... I'm tired. Hehheh, I worked on the font today. Ya know cuz I wasn't really satisfied with the quality of it and the materials I used, so I went to my fall back material and re-did what I had done for last Thursday (except the numbers, Imma throw in the punctuation points on the same page). So today, I finished the CAPs again and damn... I came out with a sexy "O." Now if you don't think an "O" can be sexy, well you haven't seen this "O." I'm a little unsatisfied with my "W," it's alright. My "H" could be sexier, same with the "B." I had a nice touch on the "U," but it's not noticeable until you walk up to it (which could be a good or bad thing-pending Tuesday). I changed up my "Z," it wasn't sittin' right. I changed my "S" back to what it should've always been. Sorry, y'all can't see what I'm talking about... Imma post images later. Anyway that's not what I wanted to talk about. Moving onto the topic (::psst::... y'all aren't commenting... Maybe no one is reading...?).

As I'm sitting here at 3:45 AM blaring my Maroon 5 "She Will Be Loved," I thought I might share my thoughts about music... what I listen to, what are the favs, why I listen to it and a theory about listening to music. Anyways... I would say that I listen to everything, and it's not like everything excluding country, blues, and jazz. Whoever says they listen to everything and excludes that... is obviously not listening to everything. Yeah, I rock out my country (when the mood is right) same with the rest of my music. I will listen to Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Rock (Metal, Alternative, Punk... and more-just can't think of it right now)... et cetera... everything-truly everything. My cuz, Steak, would say I listen to everything that's on T.V. I would argue that's not true, because I have listened to a lot of stuff before it hits T.V. (10 steps ahead of the average) and even stuff that probably won't hit T.V. Now... I listen to all forms of music and (oh shiet, I forgot techno... hehheh) at various amounts at different times. Sometimes, I'll change styles during the day. Sometimes I'll go whole weeks listening to the same thing. My computer is set to turn on music for my alarm; the music doesn't stop in my room. Now, I wouldn't say I have an all-time single favorite because sometimes I'm not in the mood for whatever my favorite might be. Now, I have a group that I have a lot of songs that I like and that's Linkin Park [LPUnderground here, DragonRomeo]. They satisfy many different needs at the same time even though they have their own sound.... now DMX is another story. I like DMX because it's pure Rap and he has many songs that I like. So technically, those are favorites but sometimes I don't wanna hear them... so they're not favorites. Now there's a reason to why I listen to so much different music and it goes hand-in-hand with my theory of music. It think it is universally understood that Life dictates Music, right? If you consider that music is written by people, usually about life (whether it be theirs or something they see), then music would be an account of real-life. Yes, I understand the concept of telling a story... either way it's about life. Not to rip from Staind "Zoe Jane," I think they [musicians] can teach me everything that they've endured... and with the lyrics I can either relate to my own experiences or even [possibly?] prepare for something coming. So I guess music gives me a far warning for things to come in this life. Granted... sometimes I may never endure some situations, but I may come across a person that doesn't know how to deal with a situation and I can provide some help because I've heard the situation before [kinda the reason why I know many things about relationships, having been in very few, but many musicians sing/rap/or whatever style you want about relationships.] And I understand that it doesn't always come out the exactly how the song said, but it is possible that the result will come out the same way. Now, back to that whole idea of Life dictating Music. Is it possible that Music dictated Life? Have you ever heard a song that meant nothing to you when you first heard it [maybe the instruments or beats caught you, but the words never set in]... then somewhere down the line of life you needed to hear the song just to hear what it said, just to see if it was telling your story (almost like a subliminal message)? With those premises [Hearing a song before the event, event happens and need to hear the song], could it be possible that you made (chose) your life story go [as if it was planned] in the same direction as the song? [Now, I know some people will deliberately do that... and we call them actors or drama queens/kings.] I believe it can, I believe it is possible that Music [unconsciously or even consciously] dictates Life. Just to play Devil's Advocate against myself, it is possible that an individual was set on that course already and hearing the song prior to the event/situation then hearing the song again (now that the individual can relate to it) is merely coincidence. Then what do we do with the songs that come out brand new, at the same time the event/situation is happening (further still, it has been on the radio for 3 months but you only hear after then event/situation happens)? More coincidence...? C’mon now... after a while some one needs a swift kick and realize that everything that happens is not a coincidence. I mean this is what I believe, and obviously you're free to believe whatever your lil' heart desires... if you want to believe that you've gotten 7 tickets and 3 accidents and you're licensed revoked [more than likely not to have an insurance until the age of 21/23] is just you having some bad luck and NOT because you shouldn't be driving or because something might seriously happen or you've been driving for the wrong reasons. Well, I can't help you. I can be that exact with that example, because well... I'm the dumbass that had 7 tickets and 3 accidents [yeah I know... I heard it before; I don't need to you remind me-but thank you]. Back off the tangent and back into the discussion (with myself...?), Music Dictating Life and is it possible? Musical (subliminal) messages? Everything happens for a reason? Many things to consider... but its 4:37 people and well I'm forced to get some sleep... before I fall asleep and have these keys imprinted in my forehead.


steakified said...

Hey mang, I dont think it's as extreme as one thing dictating the other, but you definately need one to have the other. I think since music comes from a lot of different places and those lot of different places are so numerous that typically one can relate, that's what makes music so powerful. Good music is heard by all, great music is felt by a few.

B said...

letters aren't sexy and neither is DMX, in fact he's creepy and yells too much and music is only powerful if you can relate to it, that's why stories and poems and movies are so powerful, because we feel a part of ourselves in them. For instance you can relate to a song such as a song you sent me a long time ago, sukiyaki something.. by the way i love that song, still remember, and still have it on CD somewhere so ha... and that song triggered a response that you felt you wanted to share with me because the song could express things you were thinking much easier than you could. Its like a form of communication almost. In contrast I know a Whitney Houston song that's entitled "I'm every woman" and i'm fairly certain that one does not apply to you and you feel indifferent to it. I love that good music great music comment that was made, very insightful and very true. Art is what we make of it, everyone perceives it differently according to their life experiences and worldview. So as to your question i do not believe that music dictates life since nothing dictates your life but youself. Thats the "freedom" idea that this country operates under, as shaky and idealistic as it may be. Yet that idea has been promoted by philosophers since early recorded thought. From the wise Confucius to Plato and Aristotle, St Aquinas, Locke, Thomas Jefferson, and Martin Luther King Jr. We are free, free to make our own choices to choose our own paths, to make our own lives. Now i'm not saying that tomorrow you can wake up to be a basketball player because you aren't very tall, but hey if it floats your boat give it a go. But instead if you wish to be a prisoner on a crappy FOX tv series, that may be possible.