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It has to start somewhere

Welcome Ladies & Gentlemen,

This is the first blog and the beginning for many more. The reason I decided to sign up for a blog is because I like the whole idea of having something where I am able to speak what is in my head and for those that want to listen have a chance to receive these messages that I send out into cyberspace. Also, it is another chance to explain myself (for those that don't like my away messages). That whole concept of statements and words being beaconed out to the rest of the world just screams potential. Hopefully... this will give me an opportunity to further my own thoughts and possibly someone else's as well. For those of you that already know me, here is the next level of complexity; for those of you that are entering for the first time, Good Luck.


B said...

My question of the day: Why is it that judging others is so easy, yet judging oneself is one of the most difficult tasks?

steakified said...

Hey mang, it's good to know that you're using your head....sometimes too much.

As to the 'b said...' post, juding yourself is the hardest because you're never satisified with what/who you are. When you are satisified, you'll see that not only do you stop juding yourself, but you'll stop judging others as well.

Nat said...

You actually is kinda nice. Post something interesting tomorrow :P

andrea said...

yes. now i can stalk you.