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I'm glad I'm not one of those in the field

So the font project is done... and I'm still working on it (well I didn't today or yesterday), but I'm still working on it... why? Because I'm getting published. Yeah, that's right. ::"I Made This" taunting:: After the presentations, I talked to one of the guest graphic designers and asked him... "Tell me the truth, how far am I from publishing it" and he hit with me something along the lines of put it on the computer, get a font builder [and the most memorable part of the conversation] make sure I get a copy. Oh yeah! How sweet is that? Everything is on the up and up... it’s like everything I touch transforms to platinum and diamonds. I hope this special power doesn't run out until I finally lay down to rest. But that's a story for another day. But I have a downer to hamper my mood, that design for the T-Shirt for the school... yeah not gonna happen. I was unaware of the fact that the design was due on Tuesday and well I wasn't going to trade a T-Shirt design (that's extra) for my font (that's my project and has my name virtually attached to it). It's all good though, if they didn't like the entries... I'm pretty sure they'll just open it up for more designs. Either way, I'll get my t-shirt made--whether it be by permission or if I have to do it guerilla style. Oh how nice... moves right into my next topic.

I was talking to a friend of mine [who will rename nameless for universality], and I said this:

I'm just really glad... I'm not like those stereotypical art students who think they know what an art student is and act a certain way
with the crazy hair and funky clothes without brains and might as well be hot pink cows with purple poka-dots
just moo-ing along

And I mean that, what's up with this posers. Lemme get on my stand a flame a few individuals tonight. Honestly... daily... I see individuals who think they're artists but when it comes down to it... they can't even grasp what it means to truly be an artist. And I mean any art form whether it be, acting, architecture, graphic designing, musician, painting, sculpting, writer, et cetera. All areas of art are clouded by posers who have no integrity or honesty. They act a certain way because they believe "to be an art student, one has to dress this way or speak this way," when in reality, it's the other way around... it just happens. If you got it, then you got it... if you don't, no one can teach it to you. [If you got it, some teachers can bring it out; but if you don't got it, they can't get it to you] Most of art school is understanding one's own style, and if that's the case, then why do we have so many that are just trying to follow the pack, catch the heat from someone else's spark. Now, much of this is due to the natural progress of most artistic individuals. Most artists do end up designing their own clothing, which is understandable sometimes what you need is not what's in your closet at that moment... so they're forced to make it. What I want to say with my clothing just isn't out in the market right now... so I will have to start designing my own. [I'll keep y'all update on that as well.] Honesty... and Integrity... that's what is missing in these stereotypical art students... whining how they can't get accepted in society because they're an art student... or dress a certain way, because this is how an art student dresses. Remember its not how you look that's being judged by the rest of the world, it's your art work that's in the lime light and under the interrogation lamp. Perfect example of this would be Project Runaway and the winner of that. I can't remember the designers name (much like how most art is... unless you're really really epic), but I can remember his clothing line. Since he was on T.V., we saw how "different" he was... his crazy dress style and the like. But when it came down to actual design and the final day... what did he say? "Let's let the line speak for itself." Yeah, he came out with his hot pink hat and suit on but hey he made the hat. Be who you are... not what you think you're suppose to be... cuz you'll only get it wrong. If this sounds like a subliminal message to all those people that look into the mirror and see what I'm talking about; please do me a favor and don't waste my (or someone else's) teacher's time. You're the reason why there is so much fluff is most art forms nowadays, you and your predecessors are the reason for architecture falling short and movies that just plain suck. Granted, some are the result of failed execution, but if the idea/concept wasn't there in the beginning then there's nothing to try and capture. For the rest of you true art students please do what Mike Shinoda [Linkin Park - Step Up] did, for the rock/hip-hop genre, in your own genres. I know I'll be blazing my own trail [hopefully, doing it in my own designed clothes and never to a conformed style].

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Just mooing along.... damn those art students