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The Impenetrable Fabric

Hey… sorry I haven’t been posting’… I’ll make it up… Imma post twice tonight… y’all just watch me. So ~> let’s get this started, right to the topic.

Topic today is the most important thing in life. Any guesses? Money? Love? Sex? Family? Friends? All those guesses are wrong… this most important thing in life is consistent. Any guesses? In a world where very little is guaranteed, I have realized something that is the same in every single instance. The magic answer I was looking for is…


Time is the most valuable thing in this life. All those guesses come and go in life… life even comes and goes. But time, is the single most idea that many attempt to beat and yet it is still undefeated. Under my research, I have discovered that not a single person has found a way to beat time… I believe Einstein was the closest… but his success (?) was never documented [The Philadelphia Experiment]. Money comes and goes, some believe it runs the world, even without time, money fails to exist. Love remains at the mercy of Time… Time can change Love… Love cannot change Time. Although sometimes, in love, a person feels like Time does not exist… when the person comes out of this dream state… Time is the hardest thing to realize. This leads me to believe that the only true thing that should linger on my mind is the question of Time. Do I have enough Time to do this? Do I have enough Time to do that? I believe I cannot beat the clock, I can only understand that seconds are seconds and minutes are minutes and I have to play by their rules. The game is very simple, the rules are consistent and there aren’t any loopholes. Now the amount of Time left in your life, cannot be told to you [or can it?] and since that is not known… it appears like Time doesn’t play fair… but perhaps we just don’t know all the rules. [Stemming from and earlier post] I believe we all have a set amount of Time on this level of existence, I don’t know how much Time I have… I don’t think anyone really does… and because I don’t fully know all the rules of the game, it may seem the game is uneasily stacked against me… but if you think about it… [I believe] we always complete what we were meant to do… then Time is over, somehow we both win (Time and the Individual). I would suggest that we don’t race the clock… but embrace the clock. Plan. How much Time do you need to do that? Understand that you will win either way. If you play by the rules (of Time), you’re more than likely to have more fun and do more of what you want.


chen li said...

Hm..can you elaborate on the Philadelphia Experiment? I'm curious.

Anonymous said...

Now this is probably the most intellectual thing you've said.

Tainted Dragon said...

I believe a Disclaimer is in order here, the following post contains bizarre and conspiracy theory content, you have been warned.

hey Chen Li,
well... (after a brief review) the Philadelphia Experiment [also known as Project RAINBOW in some places] was a project headed by Einstein during the second world war. As previously revealed by the initial discovery of the Atomic Bomb, Dr. Albert Einstein was involved in the government. The Manhattan Project was a success [if you see the construction of an Atomic Bomb, as a success], only after it was fully complete. Up until then, it's existence was denied. The ship USS Eldridge has been claimed to be a part of the Philadelphia Experiment or Project RAINBOW. Dr. Albert Einstein was said to be a part of this project as well. The ship claimed to travel through time and/or be invisible. It was thought that, if an object moved faster than the speed of light it would be invisible. Logically, if light cannot reach the object then it would not be seen. There have been reports of witnesses claiming the ship appeared "out of thin air," this raises the question of teleportation. Could this object (ship, there were supposedly other objects that underwent testing, smaller objects) manipulate the fabric of time? There have been many different views and reports but as I understand it, on the first trial the ship "vanished" with animals on it and when it reappeared the animals were said to have burns and radiation scarring. One would belive the testing would stop, but apparently the test continued with humans in the next trial. When the ship returned... some of the humans were dead... some were crazy or insane... and horrifically some materialized as part of the ship [humans stuck in walls, humans stuck in floors]. After this result, many would believe the government covered the details of the experiment [they are suppose to "protect" us]. Many raised the question of where the ship went. The name Philadelphia Experiment is rather misleading, the ship was claimed to be in the New York Dock. Some witnesses have claimed to see a ship "appear" in Philadelphia. Most reports lead to Norfork, Virginia, they claim the ships last stop was there before it returned to New York. Reports have also stated the ship travelling to many other places besides Norfork, such as places in Greece and Bermuda (the key part being in a matter of days, almost as quickly as a plane). Like most Conspiracy Theories, the details are sketchy and only those truly involved will know the details. I encourage further research, (just don't learn too much the government might move their eye of attention to you, and that's never a good thing).

Tainted Dragon said...

well anonymous, it's great that you can just post anonymously. if you believe you can do so much better, let's see some of what you have to say. I haven't seen any better from you, so how can you sit there and claim and generalize that it has no revelance/importance to anyone else's life... because you're anonymous would that mean you exist as and for every person? I understand that it being the most intellectual thing I've said is simply your opinion and you're entitled to that... I don't believe it is your right to sway any other individuals thoughts... maybe someone else thought something else was more intellectual than my post on time, and you saying that could possibly change their mind. I apologize if I'm am taking this in the most negative cogitation if it was/is not intended that way. If you have the heart to post on someone's blog and have the nerve to say something as ignornant as that, I'm glad you posted under anonymous so I didn't have to chew you out directly.