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"This is me pretending, this is all I need."

Post II Tonight… This is prolly gonna bring me down from my Sox Win High, but this is something I need to get off my chest somewhere… somehow… what better place then here and what better Time than now.

As the cold reaches this part of the country and I am forced to light the pilot and fire up the heater… and although the autumn is beautiful, the trees turn that ignited red orange… I only dream of my favorite time of the year. Nothing makes me smile like December, Not because of the American holiday of Christmas, not because of my birthday, not because of the approach of a new year… it’s the snow that does it for me. The earlier it snows, the earlier I smile. Many complain about the cold… I don’t care… I can layer as much clothing as I want on… I got piles on already cuz I wanna run out and be able to layer off and find dry clothing underneath it all when the top layer gets all wet. I don’t really worry about shoveling it… it’s whatever… Bill Gates has a heated driveway, get that… enjoy the snow… it’s beautiful. Linkin Park “My December” comes to mind when I think about the winter. It’s a great song… if a gun was held to my head and I had to decide on a favorite song… I’d have to go with “My December.” It’s the piano [I know how to play it now] “this is my time of the year.” The song is so complex and layered... sounds like someone you know *hint hint* the song conveys so much of my life, and it’s so universal that when someone is asked why they love it… there’s a story behind the reason. There's just gotta be a story, [I hope people listen to lyrics still] My story? When I hear it… it sounds like I can pre-cog the beginning of the end of my life. And I know that sounds sad and bad… but I believe in that instance I will learn to forgive myself for my own mistakes, it’s like the beginning to forgiveness. And forgiveness is always a good things. As for how it pertains now… It’s a place of my own design, a place inside my head, a place of my own creation, where I can picture everything that is described. The all white fields and snow covered rocks and trees. Not a vehicle, or even, person in sight, just the snow and a home of my own design. Relating back to the earlier post, I just hope there’s enough Time to find this place and complete it before the universal fate of all men catches up with me...

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