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Running on empty...

Hey everyone... how's everyone doing out there? Good, I hope... "in the midst of all this... for you to say something like that" (The Longest Yard - Kevin Nash). So I've been up (for probably too long) doing my Architecture project... the mask. I'm just finishing up the drawings for the presentation tomorrow. I think it'll go over pretty well... I haven't seen all the competition so I can't really make a judgment call on how much mine will stand out. We’ll see in a couple of hours… Anyways… you faithful readers know about the last post… and you know… music never seems to fail me. Madd props to Sean Paul – Never Gonna Be The Same on the new CD. Imma quote this second verse (I would put the whole thing… but that’s just too much translating… cuz you know Sean Paul and his crazy accent...)

“For all the friends and families that done past on.
Leaving impressions and memories that will last on.
We give thanks for all the time that we know them.
Reminisce them legacy that is what we owe them.
Because they helped to make us who we are.
So let us never forget and talk it and far.
Less up Grandpa Lee and Aunt Chris – I can’t forget you if I try.”

I don’t know how much that last line applies to me… but I know that rest is right on the money. So in my playlist feral the entire project… the music that has been playing since Thursday… Sean Paul, Pitbull (lovin’ it... Hustler’s Withdrawal is really good as well), Mariah Carey, Twista, The Longest Yard soundtrack, ahhh… 50’s “Window Shopper” & “Outta Control [Remix]” w/ Mobb Deep & “Hustler’s Ambition”, hehheh… Chingy And J/Weav on “One Call Away”… Frankie J’s “How Do I Deal”… Kanye West’s … Tony Yayo’s… Trey Songz’s (these are all the new cds) so yeah… pretty big variety… Mariah Carey’s remixes are on there too… it’s a nice collaboration all in all… keeps me running on no sleep. Big ups to Mike Shinoda’s Fort Minor project almost done and set for a release… videos out… (just got a newsletter about it from LP Underground. Man… I love music… it’s a beautiful thing.

Oh… almost forgot about what I wanted to talk about… (geez that music) part of me has to think about the Sean Paul cd coming out when it did… coincidence? C’mon now… you know what I think about that. I don’t know what it all means… but I’m working on it. That’s just another thing about coincidence… I think it’s just lack of knowledge or shades over the eyes… just not able to see the whole picture. Alright y’all… time to get back to work… Batman Begins on DVD tomorrow! I’m staying up for that (damn that Best Buy & Circuit City having promos on the same DVD).

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